Red Tulip Heart-Shaped Wreath Tutorial

red tulip wreath in shape of a heart tutorial
Heart Wreath

Updated Post from 2022

Looking for a little bit of Valentine’s decor? Look no further! Here’s an easy-to-make Valentine’s heart tulip wreath tutorial that anyone can do with just a little bit of time.

Trendy Tree Supplies

MD010727 14″ Wire Heart Form

61386RD Red Tulip Bundle – 5

Paddle Wire

15205-09-44 1.5″ Valentine Ribbon (sold out now but more suggestions are listed)

Wire Cutters

Ribbon Suggestions

RG0814322. 1.5″ Heart Stripes Ribbon

RGA8386C2 1.5″ Multi Heart Pattern

RGC177602 1.5″ Black with Red Black Pink Heart Ribbon

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Decorating for Valentines

Sometimes, especially as we get older, we don’t want to go all out decorating for a holiday. This tulip wreath is a perfect example of just adding a bit of Valentine’s decor to your home.

I thought when I first started making it, it would be too small to go on my front door, but turns out it worked just fine. But you could also just set it on an easel on a tabletop or bookcase too.

place a wreath on an easel on a bookcase for a different look
Display on a Bookcase


A tulip wreath can be created in many different ways. You can use a straw wreath form, grapevine wreath, or even Styrofoam. When I make things for myself, I don’t usually add hot glue or make anything permanent, but you can use a grapevine wreath and hot glue stems.

For a straw wreath or Styrofoam, you can use floral pins to hold the stems and you might want to use a little hot glue there too if you’re making a permanent wreath or making a wreath to sell.

Just remember it will probably take more bunches of tulips than you were expecting! So have extras on hand, or purchase them from a place where you know you can get more if needed.


I used a scrap piece of ribbon to cover the frame. The wrapped frame made it a little easier to secure the stems with the paddle wire. I tucked some of the stems down into the ribbon sort of like tucking them into a pocket. But you don’t have to do that.

The bow was just a simple loop bow with long tails. It only took a couple of yards of ribbon for this bow. And you might not even want a bow. I like the wreath either way))

Bow made with pink and red Valentine ribbon
Simple Bow

You may have to trim the stems shorter around the points of the frame. You wouldn’t have this problem if you used a round frame.

I may try another DIY tulip wreath on a straw or Styrofoam round wreath frame for spring. We still have lots of tulips in stock at Trendy Tree. Pink or yellow would really be pretty for spring.

Personally, I like tulip wreaths when the tulips are all the same color or a variation of one color. But that’s just me. Choose the color(s) you love!

red tulip wreath on a front door
Display on the Front Door

Have you made a tulip wreath? What technique did you use? We would love to hear about your experiences!

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Tulip Heart Wreath

How to make a Valentine wreath using a wire heart-shaped form, tulip bushes and 1.5" ribbon.
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Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes




  • Wrap wire heart form with ribbon (1.5" or 2.5" I used a scrap piece)
    Piece Scrap Ribbon
    wrap ribbon
  • Attach paddle wire to form.
    paddle wire
  • Cut tulips from bush leaving stems long. Push leaves up some before cutting to void cutting through the leaves. Can be trimmed as needed
  • Layer three tulips and wrap with paddle wire to hold them snug. Wrap some on top of the frame and a bundle to the side. Each time you add a new bundle, cover the stems from the previous bundle. You can tuck stems behind ribbon to help hold.
    layer tulips
  • Trim stems as needed around points and you may have to add extra wire to control the stems. Layer then thinner around the points with just two tulips to a bundle.
  • Make a simple bow with 1.5" ribbon and attach floral wire. Or leave the bow off.
    Make a hanger with floral wire, zip ties or chenille stems.
    1 Roll 15205-09-44 Ribbon



14″ Heart Wreath form from Trendy Tree: white wire heart form for tulip wreath
Red Tulip Bushes from Trendy Tree:
1.5″ Valentine Ribbon from Trendy Tree: valentine ribbon
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