Wrapping Paper: 90% Off!

wrapping paper, black, tan plaids

I’m not a big after-Christmas shopper, but I do love a bargain! Wrapping paper was my fantastic find today.


I had to make a run to Walmart today and right by the door…..Christmas wrapping paper 90% off! This is my kind of sale! Any wrapping paper I have in my stash was almost always bought on sale.

My favorite kind of wrapping paper to catch on sale are styles that work year-round. The two tan plaids will be good for Father’s Day or any time gifts. And the black, I love it! Black will work for almost anything except maybe a baby gift or something for a young child.

There was a variety of paper at this store, but the rolls I bought were 30″ by 10.6 yards….not bad!

Now Walmart is not the same from town to town, but I just wanted to mention this so you could be on the lookout for wrapping paper 90% off!

Have fun!

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