Mexican Flan

mexican flan recipe
Mexican Flan

Mexican Flan

This dessert is one of my favorite treats when we eat at our local Mexican restaurants. By the way….is flan pronounced like “plan” with an “f” or “lawn” with an “f”? I’m not sure! Anyway, I made one yesterday! And it was great))) This yummy recipe came from Mama Maggie’s Kitchen.

Maggie Unzueta is the creator of Mama Maggie’s Kitchen, a food and travel blog.

Maggie and I have been “internet” friends going on a couple of years. You know those friends that we all have, that we feel like we know personally, but have never met. She and I worked together on the Trendy Tree Pinterest account for several months. I knew Maggie had a food blog, but I really hadn’t spent much time on it until the last few weeks.

Yesterday I decided to give her recipe a try. It was so easy to make and it turned out creamy and delicious. Her recipe was easy to follow with step-by-step instructions.

Flan is really a simple creamy, custard with caramel sauce made from milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla flavoring, and a bit of orange zest. I had always thought the caramel sauce was something that was added to the flan at the end. I didn’t realize it was the first part of the recipe! Here’s the link to her recipe:

Mama Maggie’s Kitchen – Flan

My flan didn’t turn out to be as scrumptious looking as Maggie’s but it sure tasted great.

In hindsight, I could have caramelized the sugar a little longer, but it can burn so quickly. My cooking experience of failed attempts at making caramel icing led me to remove the skillet from the heat pretty quick once it started browning!

By the time I poured the caramelized sugar into my glass pan, it hardened before it reached all sides of the pan.

I’m wondering if I had perhaps warmed the pie plate up a bit, would it have had time to spread all over the edge before hardening. Either way, after it cooked you couldn’t tell it didn’t reach the edges!

mexican flan custard dessert
Mexican Flan Dessert

Hot Water Bath

Another thing I like about Mama Maggie’s Kitchen is the education she shares. Her recipes are authentic and many of them contain bits of history. She explains how the caramelized sugar top of the Mexican dessert recipe originated. Very interesting! Now I need to ask her to properly pronounce “flan.”

As I was reviewing the recipe I was thinking….hot water bath, now how am I going to manage that.

I didn’t have a special pan or anything. But there was her photo……just set the pie pan over in a foil pan of water. Pretty easy. I keep foil pans in the pantry but would have been searching high and low for a pan in the cabinet to hold my pie plate if I hadn’t seen her image.

hot water bath for mexican flan
Hot Water Bath

Sunday Lunch

It’s a quiet day today, it’s snowing a little which is unusual for Mississippi, so we’re relaxing and just enjoying it. My husband and I were rambling around in the kitchen looking for something for lunch and I said I was going to have a piece of the pie. He said…..”you can’t have pie for lunch.”

I told him… is short, I’m having pie as I enjoyed another slice of Maggie’s Mexican Flan)))

Coming up Next?

Maggie’s recipe for Homemade Mexican Churros sure is appealing. I have to hunt up my piping bag and tips though….that could take a while!

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