RAZ Christmas at the Lodge Tree – Rustic Tree

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Christmas at the Lodge Tree

Christmas at the Lodge RAZ 2022 Christmas Tree

This is a rustic Christmas tree. It has a back-to-nature feel with earthy colors, pinecones, faux feathers, and antlers. This rustic, cabin or lodge-style tree would make anyone feel cozy, warm, and comfortable in your home.

There are natural shades of burlap in the embroidered pinecone ribbon and tree skirt. The ribbon theme carries right on to the mantel making it all blend seamlessly. Copper and bronze balls and finials pick up light and add beauty to this tree. You really can’t appreciate the size of some of the ornaments until you see them hanging over the fireplace. The ornaments that depict reindeer, the feathers, and the antler sprays would make this rustic Christmas tree a deer hunter’s delight.

Please note that the trees in the showroom sometimes have different decorations on them than the catalog image of the tree. Watch the video taken in the showroom below.

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2022 RAZ Christmas Tree Ideas

The talented RAZ designers created this rustic tree. We can give you a breakdown of the items on the tree, but we don’t have access to the number of each item that they used. The video of the showroom tree may also be a little different from the static image.

The number of individual products you would need to decorate a tree similar to the Christmas at the Lodge tree would depend on the height and width of your own tree.

A good rule of thumb is to always order more than what you think you will need. You can always use anything extra on a wreath, tabletop, etc.

Most of the decorations on this tree are new for 2022 and will not be available to any retailers until summer or later. If we have some items that are similar that are in stock at Trendy Tree, we will share those links with you.

2852303 35″ Mixed Feather Spray

feather spray

4212526 4″ Assorted Feather Ball Ornaments

feather ball ornament

4220857 5.5″ Antique Reindeer Disc Ornament

reindeer ornament

4220858 5.75″ Antique Silhouette Reindeer Ornament

reindeer ornament for rustic christmas tree

4224504 4″ Plaid Mercury Ornaments

plaid mercury ornaments

4224529 15.5″ Mocha Glass Finials

mocha glass finials

4224567 4″ Pinecone Branch Mercury Glass Ornament

pinecone branch ornament

4224568 5″ Bronze Mercury Glass Ball Ornament

bronze ball

4224593 5″ Glass Pinecone Ornament

glass pinecone christmas ornament

4224595 10.25″ Copper Finial Ornament

copper finial ornament for a rustic christmas tree

4224596 4″ Copper with Gold Leaf Textured Ornament

copper ornament

4224592 6.5″ Pinecone Candle Holder Ornament

pinecone tea light holder ornament

4224650 6″ Deer on Translucent Ornament

deer ornament

F4002413 32″ Pinecone Spray

pinecone spray

F4122710 43″ Cedar with Pinecones Spray

cedar spray with pinecones for a rustic christmas tree

F4202472 34″ Natural Antler Spray

antler spray

R4227722 4″ Embroidered Pinecone Ribbon

embroidered pinecone ribbon for a rustic christmas tree

More Deer Themed Products at Trendy Tree

Summing it Up

I hope this post and images give you the inspiration and ideas to create a rustic Christmas tree that you and your family will love. The new products from RAZ won’t hit the store shelves until summer or later, but when they are available, I’ll try to update some links so you can find those. Start collecting decorations now from similar products that are in stock. You can even pick up some free items from nature! Start saving those pinecones to decorate with like baskets of pinecones or pinecones to slip into your floral displays, wreaths, or mantel decorations.

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