Deco Mesh Patriotic Wreath with Gnome Sign

patriotic deco mesh ruffle wreath with gnome sign

I love the addition of the medium blue in this Patriotic Deco mesh wreath with gnome sign. Taalor designed the Trendy Tree exclusive sign. Did you know that Trendy Tree has exclusive signs? Taalor and Ashleigh use their creativity to make signs on metal circles or squares. They have nearly 100 different designs available and they also make tee shirts. More about that later))

Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath

Carrie and I put together this Patriotic Deco mesh wreath in the shop the other day. We did a Facebook live, but you can watch the replay below if you missed it.

The wreath construction was a basic ruffle wreath with the addition of ribbon strips and the exclusive sign. Carrie made a big bow that we placed on the front below the sign. There are a lot of options though! The mesh is very pretty if you want to leave off the ribbon strips and just have one or more bows. You could position the sign on either side too.



Patriotic Gnome Wreath Kit

Individual Products

XX748827 White Work Wreath 

RY8116Y9 Red Border Mesh – 2 rolls

TT-111 Patriotic Gnome Sign 

RG121125 Royal Blue Ribbon 

46404-40-04 Light Blue and White Stripes with Stars  

42403-40-25 Red, Blue, White Stripe 

RGE1234A1 Red, White, Blue Tye Dye 

handy tools

Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter


Bow Makers

Tools Bundle (mat, scissors, rotary cutter, wire cutter)

Just the Facts Mam….

Deco Mesh

Cut the mesh into 20″ strips, you will need 36 total. If your mesh falls a little short, it will never show. Just pair a “short” strip with a 20″ and put it on the bottom.

Create the Patriotic Deco mesh wreath by adding two ruffles into each twist. Roll the cut edges slightly and scrunch them up in the middle to form a “ruffle.” Some refer to them as cruffles or kruffles, a technique combining curls and ruffles. Place two ruffles in each twist. It doesn’t matter if you start on the outer or inner ring of the wreath, but I usually start on the outer.


Cut strips of ribbon 13″ and finish off the ends with an angled cut or dove-tail. Your choice))) We used a cluster of four styles of ribbon and placed it in each twist. I like to undo the twist, place the ribbon cluster, and re-secure with a couple of twists.


The exclusive signs at Trendy Tree do not come in holes or hangers. You will need to either punch a couple of holes in the sign or purchase some cable mounts to attach the chenille stems.

Place the gnome sign in the center and secure the chenille stems to the wreath frame. Don’t secure the sign so tightly that it squashes down the mesh. It sounds easy enough, but sometimes securing the sign is the most frustrating part of making a mesh wreath.

It helps to hang the wreath up to check the position of the sign before you attach it.


Carrie made a bow using the EZ Bowmaker. Using a bowmaker helps to keep the loops even and holds your ribbon in place. She’s getting pretty good at making bows!

Final Touches

Give your Patriotic Deco mesh wreath the finishing touches by fluffing the ribbons and ensuring they’re facing up. Trim any loose strings instead of pulling them. Create a wreath hanger using chenille stems, floral wire, or zip ties. Check the back for anything protruding that could scratch your door or wall.

Hang it up, stand back, and take a look. Sometimes I don’t notice things until I’m at the computer editing images! Then I wonder, how could I have missed that!

More to Come!

Carrie and Ashleigh made a grapevine wreath with florals and butterflies last week. I can’t wait to share that one with you. And on Friday, they were putting together products to create a garland using disco balls. Disco balls were trending at market! I have several images to share with you on another post about those disco balls…..unbelievable the way the showrooms were using them in home decor for the holidays.

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