Easy Easter Carrot Decoration

diy easter carrot made with carrot form from dollar tree, copper tinsel tubing, and green bows

DIY Easter Carrot Decoration

I love doing just a little decoration in the house for Easter and this easy Easter carrot decoration was just right. When the grandchildren were younger, it was really a lot of fun to go all out with seasonal decorations, but now…just a little bit will do)))

I ran across this metal carrot-shaped form at Dollar Tree and thought it would be better covered with something. So I thought about Tinsel Tubing from Trendy Tree. The orange color was just the right and then all I needed after that was something for a green top for the carrot. Well, while rambling around in Dollar Tree I found some green stick-on bows and grabbed them.


Watch the video!

Easter in the Kitchen

This past Christmas I hung a small boxwood wreath on my pantry door and decided to just keep the wreath up year-round. I like it! It’s cheerful, it’s up out of the way, and it makes that corner of my kitchen a little more interesting.

So here’s my big carrot on my somewhat smallish boxwood wreath))) After Easter, I’ll take it down and add something else for spring/summer.

boxwood wreath with a large DIY easter carrot made with deco flex tinsel tubing

Have you done any Easter decorating this year? Drop me a note and tell me what you do. I love hearing from other people and always looking for new ideas))

easter egg hunts from the 1950s
hunting easter eggs

Years ago I helped with a school Easter egg hunt when my grandson Matt was in the first grade. I couldn’t help but think about the Easter egg hunts at school that we had when I was growing up in the 1950s. There were no plastic eggs for us back then. Our eggs were all real eggs, colored with Easter egg dye if you were lucky. If you were not, plain food coloring was used or the eggs were just colored with crayons.

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