Fall Tree Ideas: Inspiration to Embrace Autumn

fall tree ideas for autumn home decor

It’s Official!

Summer is here, so that means we have to start thinking about fall! For me, this means fall tree ideas and inspiration. I’m always ready for warm weather, but now that we’ve had two weeks of heat….I’m yearning for fall)))

Fall is probably my most favorite time to decorate for the seasons, even though I’m not that big of a decorator. But I’ve always been interested in fall tree ideas and wanted to decorate an autumn tree that could be left up through Thanksgiving. This year I may just do it!

Fall Tree Ideas

Every time I go to market in Dallas or Atlanta with Carrie, I always fall in love with the fall displays! When I can, I take images and videos to share. Here’s a clip from our market trip this year.

fall tree idea from raz imports
RAZ Imports

I would love to have my dining area look like this at Thanksgiving. Right now the only thing I have that would resemble the image is the shiplap wall!

beautiful autumn decorations
RAZ Imports
holiday spice christmas tree
RAZ Imports

This Holiday Spice tree from RAZ gave me the inspiration to try my hand at drying oranges. They turned out okay, but I would have had to dry oranges all year long to be able to recreate the above look!

a pleasant outcome

My Experiment Dehydrating Oranges

So, I thought I would try my hand at drying or dehydrating some oranges and orange slices. My air fryer has a dehydration setting of 150° for six hours. I chose some fresh Mandarin oranges and started slicing them.

Let’s Be Practical

These fall tree ideas are over the top for sure. Each showroom tree could be recreated of course, but it would be very very expensive. Many years ago after we had been in the Trendy Tree business for a while, it always amazed me that we would get calls from customers who wanted a specific tree and all the decorations that went on it. Just the way it was shown in a photo. We would help them as best we could by finding as many of the products as possible, but we could never stock all the specific items required for all the different trees RAZ showcased.

One time, just out of curiosity, I calculated the items it would take o duplicate one of these trees. At the time, RAZ gave a “recipe” for each tree, down to the number of each piece used on the tree. I think I stopped counting when the product list passed about $5,000. And that was several years ago.

I’m not whining or complaining, it’s just never been in our budget to decorate like that. But many people do and there’s nothing wrong with that))) I would like nothing better than to be able to say….I want this style of tree in this room….and another over there…etc. And then be able to call and say…I’m ready for my decorations to come down….and then they are whisked out of the house and stored somewhere else besides my house! But until then, will have to be more practical)).

Here are a few tips to consider for cutting the cost to decorate a fall tree or Christmas tree.

Cost Saving Tips

  • SIZE MATTERS – Consider using a smaller tree. Even a 36″ or 48″ and elevate it off the floor on a stand of some sort, or place on a low table. Add tall picks at the top to make the tree appear taller.
  • HALF TREES OR WALL TREES – It is amazing how much less decoration it takes to decorate a wall tree, even the 7′ ones. Plus they just take up less space overall. Wall trees are a perfect solution for small spaces.
  • SHOP OFF SEASON – Look all year long for decorations you can use on a fall tree. After Christmas sales are the best times to find ornaments and decorations at great prices. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures.
  • GET BACK TO NATURE – Take a walk in the woods and pick up pinecones, branches that can be painted or glittered. Gather cattails growing in ditches or cut tops of pampas grass. Try your hand at spray painting dried hydrangeas. Leave stems long so you can use them as picks in a tree.
dried hydrangeas

Spray Paint Dried Hydrangeas

Did you know you can spray paint your dried hydrangeas? Well, you can! I started experimenting with spraying them a couple of years ago and now I’m obsessed with it! Not only can you spray paint them, but you can also re-paint them.

Potential Project

oranges studded with cloves for autumn decor for a kitchen or dining area
RAZ Pomander Tree

This image is a product by RAZ, a 16.5″ pomander tree. I love the looks of it! I’m thinking it might be something that could be recreated and placed on a kitchen counter or dining table.

If you can find it in a retail shop you could purchase it! The price will likely be over $100. But, sometimes it’s more fun to do it yourself and save some money too!

It appears to be made on a cone of some sort and the green is just faux cedar. Hobby Lobby has foam cones in several sizes and I’ll bet you could find plastic oranges there too. The oranges would need to be fairly light. And you can find whole cloves at almost any grocery.

I decorated a small 24″ tree for my dining table one year and used real oranges and tangerines with cloves stuck in them. It was pretty, but the fruit was heavy!

I’m thinking that if you can’t find oranges that you could stick whole cloves into, you could probably just hot glue them on. The oranges are all different sizes though, so that might be a problem. But it’s worth looking into!

If you have some ideas on how to recreate this pomander tree, please leave a note. I’m going to start looking for the supplies)))

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