Spray Paint your Dried Hydrangea Blooms

colorful spray painted hydrangeas in a vases

Did you know you can spray paint your dried hydrangeas? Well, you can! I started experimenting with spraying them a couple of years ago and now I’m obsessed with it! Not only can you spray paint them, but you can also re-paint them.

Here are a few that I painted for my fall mantel and then I repainted some of them red for my Christmas tree.

Dried Hydrangeas Painted & Natural
Dried Hydrangeas Painted & Natural

Re-Painted Hydrangeas

hydrangeas re-painted red for christmas
Hydrangeas Re-Painted Red for Christmas

Drying Hydrangeas

I have come to the conclusion that the best way to dry hydrangeas is to just let them dry on the bush. Sometimes when you cut them in full bloom, they dry perfectly, and the next time….they wilt. So I’m not sure when the exact right time to cut fresh blooms is. They have to be mature blooms for sure, but still, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

limelight hydrangeas
Limelight Hydrangeas

I have had complete bouquets dry perfectly in the vase and the last couple of blooms I have tried to cut fresh and dry this week, have wilted miserably. Some were even blooms from Carrie’s blue mophead bush that were partially dried. They wilted too! Maybe it has something to do with the Mississippi heat or the water content still in the blooms.

Anyway, my plan is just to leave some blooms on the bush and just let them dry naturally. I’ll just have to be sure to harvest them before my hubby prunes the bushes back so I can spray-paint them)))

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Spray Paint Dried Hydrangeas

Sometimes if a bloom dries with a pretty color I will leave it in its natural state and spray paint the others. It doesn’t particularly matter what kind of spray paint you use I don’t think. I’ve used a variety of everything from the cheapest Walmart spray paint to Krylon or even metallic paints.

  • Cut long stems, you can shorten them later depending on how you use the dried hydrangeas.
  • Remove leaves and shake the bloom gently so that any loose debris falls off.
  • Work outside with spray paint.
  • Shake the can well and spray lightly. Sort of mist the dried hydrangeas with the spray paint.
  • Spray a second or even third coat depending on the color you are going for. Allow them to dry completely between coats.

Decorating with Dried Hydrangeas

Dried hydrangeas are beautiful in a vase or centerpiece. You can use them on mantels inside or outside.

painted hydrangeas
Painted Hydrangeas (Green in the center is natural)

I love the way they look and am looking forward to spraying some just as soon as they are dry enough to harvest. Sometimes the hydrangeas retain a beautiful color as they dry though it’s usually a muted shade, if not, you just spray paint them any color you want.

dried limelight green hydrangeas
Dried Limelight Hydrangeas (Natural)

Here’s an image of some I repainted for my Christmas Tree.

spray paint hydrangeas
Dried Hydrangeas Painted Metallic Red

I think this year I’m going to experiment a bit more and try some pastel shades. They probably will need a base coat of white, then the pastel over that. We’ll see!

Have you used spray paint on hydrangeas or other flowers? What kind of result did you get? I’d love to hear about it!

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    1. You’re very welcome_)) I just sprayed some cream color yesterday…but you know, sometimes my hydrangea blooms dry just perfect, and the next ones don’t. I haven’t figured how what the difference is in them.

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