Fall Floral Arrangement Ideas

small fresh fall florals with huge pops of color with yellow and orange sunflowers, red and yellow daisies and hydrangeas
Lovies from The Twig: A Branch of Trendy Tree

Fall floral arrangements don’t have to be elaborate to be beautiful. These “Lovies” from Trendy Tree are gigantic pops of color! Rachel Wiygul, the floral designer at Trendy Tree, puts these beautiful blooms together and you can order one anytime and either pick it up or have it delivered locally (Pontotoc). Lovies are the perfect desk-size arrangement and are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face))

Sunflowers, Cattails, & Cotton Bolls

We live in Mississippi so it’s not unusual for our fall floral arrangements to contain cotton boll picks or cattails. Now, sometimes we can grab cattails right off a ditch bank or cotton boll branches out of a field, but for these arrangements, the cotton bolls and cattails were purchased at market for Trendy Tree stock.

These lovely fall floral arrangements have a combination of fresh florals and artificials. Don’t be afraid to try mixing them together!

reddish orange sunflower, coral ranunculus, cattails, cotton bolls, eucalyptus in a blue watering can fall arrangement
Sunflowers & Ranunculus in Watering Can

This is an arrangement made by Rachel in a beautiful blue tin watering can. I purchased the watering as a decorative item, but after the fresh flowers were gone I tested it and it held water! So while it’s empty, it’s in use on my back porch. Here’s another arrangement Rachel put together in the can.

Blue watering can container with fresh golden yellow sunflowers, white tulips, orange roses, cattails and cotton boll stems
Sunflower Tulips & Hydrangeas

I love being able to take an empty container back to Trendy Tree and say….fill her up! Well, I don’t it do that often, but since Carrie (my daughter) owns Trendy Tree I’m tempted to more often))) They never turn me down when I stop by and ask if they have any “extra” fresh flowers in the cooler)))

Come to think of it, the watering can is empty right now….sounds like time for a refill))

reddish orange sunflower, bells of ireland in a clear glass vase
Reddish Sunflowers

Usually, when I get flowers that Rachel has designed I always try to ask what the unusual flowers are. Of course, I can never remember! But this beautiful vase has reddish sunflowers, white hydrangea, hypericum, roses, and Bells of Ireland. Not sure what the other components are, but they sure are pretty))

One & Two Color Arrangements

sunflowers and light green foliage for a fall floral arrangement
Sunflowers & Greenery

I love these yellow sunflowers and greenery in light shades of green. This arrangement is artificial and the image came from one of the showrooms at the Dallas Market. It would be good for summer and fall. I liked it because of the simple two-color theme with yellows and shades of green. The lemons on the table give it a summery look. Replace those with small pumpkins and move right on into fall.

fall arrangement with assorted artificial greenery in a fall pumpkin tin
Monochrome Arrangement

This artificial fall floral arrangement is a good example of a monochromatic or one-color scheme. It’s full of greenery in various shades of green and also has a seed pod. It would serve as a year-round arrangement, but the subtle pumpkin tin container says yes, fall is just around the corner.

simple fall arrangements with a pop of color, roses and sunflowers
Simply Colorful

Small and simple arrangements I think are my favorite. They are easy to do and don’t require a lot of supplies. You only need a few blooms and a snippet or two of greenery. I love crystal clear vases too! Plus it helps you keep an eye on the water level which is critical. Always check the water level if you have received delivered flowers. Sometimes they just add enough water to the vases for traveling and you need to add more as soon as they arrive.

Unique Containers

fall floral arrangement in a vintage flour sifter, unique artificial arrangement for kitchen

Nothing has more eye appeal than a unique container! This beautiful floral arrangement was created by my dear friend and Trendy Tree customer, Carolyn Gregory. It’s made with artificial flowers in a vintage, rusty flour sifter. Perfect for a spot in the kitchen. Going “junking” or visiting a flea market is a great time to keep your eyes open for that unique container for your next centerpiece.

fall floral arrangement in an vintage style truck container, white pumpkins, beige sunflowers, fall greenery
Vintage Style Truck Container

This vintage-style galvanized truck container is perfect for a fall floral arrangement. Rachel filled it with small pumpkins, beige and yellow sunflowers, rustic greenery, and magnolia leaves. The thing I like about a container like this is that you could remove the arrangement and at Christmas fill it up with cedar, pine branches, and red berries. Or, shiny red hearts for Valentine’s Day, pastel eggs and grass for Easter, etc.

artificial floral arrangement on a hello fall white pumpkin easel back sign, for tabletop fall decoration
Hello Fall Pumpkin

Rachel turned this Hello Fall easel-backed sign into a fall floral arrangement by tucking a piece of Styrofoam behind the Hello Fall and adding a few florals, some fall berry picks, and a bit of ribbon. It turned a pretty sign into a stunning design. These signs are back in stock at Trendy Tree.

Big and Beautiful

fresh yellow sunflowers, roses and mums in a pedestal pot for fall decor
Maggie’s Graduation Breakfast

This big beautiful pot of flowers was created by Rachel for our granddaughter Maggie’s graduation breakfast. My image does not do it justice. The arrangement was actually created in the spring, but with the sunflowers, it’s perfect as a fall floral too. I love the combination of yellows…..sunflowers, roses, and mums. I think some of the greenery is Jackson vine and Bells of Ireland.

Fall Floral Garlands & Ribbon

sunflower garland draped over an oval window with shutters
Sunflower Garland

This image was taken in the RAZ showroom at the Dallas Market. I love the sunflower garland atop the curved window! I have windows like this in my house and only one window in my home office which would be a perfect place to try to duplicate this garland. It doesn’t show in the image, but the garland hangs off some on either side. But honestly, if you just had it right at the top that would be enough I think. This might require Rachel’s help but I sure want to try it)))

fall garland made with twig, sunflowers, bittersweet picks, raffia, fall leaves and ribbon
Fall Floral Doorway Garland

This fall floral doorway garland was made on a Work Garland from Trendy Tree. It was first covered in a natural-colored fabric mesh and floral picks leaves, berry picks, and pumpkins were added. The animal print ribbon just sets it off.

fall wreath bow using three ribbons and raffia, ribbon with green truck and pumpkins
Fall Wreath Bow

Well, this last image isn’t a fall floral arrangement but it was a pretty bow for a fall wreath. I’ll do a post later with some wreath ideas. Rachel made this bow with three styles of ribbon and added just a bit of raffia which really gives it that fall touch. Of course, the green truck with pumpkins ribbon screams fall too!

This style of truck ribbon has been so popular over the last few years. It started out as a red truck ribbon for Christmas and morphed into fall trucks with pumpkins, Easter trucks with bunnies and eggs, spring trucks with flowers, blue summer trucks with lemons, and pink trucks with Valentines.

I’ve included a few Trendy Tree product links along the way, but there are far too many products at Trendy Tree for me to list separately like Sunflowers. Just browse these links for a sampling.

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