The Charm of Books as Creative Risers

book painted gold and used as risers

One of the things I like to do at market when Carrie is working so hard to shop for products to stock at Trendy Tree is to just wander around and take images of decorating and crafting ideas. Here is some inspiration for using books as creative risers.

Book Risers

Hardback books are a perfect way to create focal points of interest in the home. A stack of children’s books with a treasured keepsake toy on top, or books on a shelf with a pretty candle. This market for was fall and winter products so the theme was Christmas.

books that have been sprayed gold and used on a bookcase to display with bottle brush trees

These books looked like they had been spray painted gold which would sure be easy enough! Now some purists would say that we should never deface a book. But how many books wind up in landfills across the country!

books that have been sprayed gold and used on a bookcase to display

Of course, you don’t have to damage them to use as book risers. I love how the vase of flowers below sits on a stack of assorted green books.

stack of books used to elevate a vase of flowers

Craft Project

This image was my inspiration for recently purchasing a Cricut! I hope to be able to make a similar book display before Christmas.

christmas books display

So far, this is all I have accomplished))) But I’ll get there!

book decoration project using a cricut to make letters to stick on book spine

Where to Find Books

I accumulated a LOT of books during my nursing education and career. Books such as that get outdated very quickly! And they pile up! One year I turned several of them into Halloween Spell Books by painting the covers black and stenciled some words on them.

But for my Christmas project, I picked up some books of the same size at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. The local. library is a good place to check for books for sale. Sometimes they have piles of them at the door for $1 apiece.

Another place is a used bookstore of course. Old books can really have musty smells and cigarette smoke. It can be very difficult to get those smells out of books, but not impossible.

If you think you want to paint your books like the gold ones above or something similar, I would suggest just buying some new ones, if you don’t have old ones taking up unwanted space in your home that you no longer need.

More Book Riser Ideas

Book Risers

  • COOKBOOKS – Stack hardback cookbooks on the kitchen counter or shelf to display a favorite bowl or piece of pottery.
  • UPPER CABINET SPACE – Have you tried displaying something on top of your kitchen cabinets, but you can’t see it once you get it up there? Place the item on a stack of books high enough to where it can be seen
  • NIGHT STAND – Place a stack of books on your nightstand to hold a candle or small floral arrangement.
  • BOOKSHELVES – Create depth on your bookshelves by using books as risers for smaller items like figurines, collectibles, or framed pics
  • COLOR & STYLE – Example: Place a stack of red Christmas books on a table or shelf with a Santa figurine on top. For Halloween, a stack of Halloween books with a skull on top)))
  • Create depth on your bookshelves by using books as risers for smaller items like figurines, collectibles, or travel souvenirs.
  • FLORALS – Place a stack of books as a riser on your coffee table and arrange a vase of fresh flowers on top.
  • POTTERY – Use a few books as risers on a shelf or console table to highlight your favorite pottery pieces.
  • VINTAGE – Arrange a collection of vintage books as risers to elevate an antique clock, an old typewriter, or other vintage decor items, creating a nostalgic vignette.
  • THEMED CENTERPIECES – Choose a set of books that matches a theme or color scheme in your living room, and use them as risers to elevate a themed centerpiece. For example, a beach-themed centerpiece with shells and coastal decor.

Wrapping it Up!

Do you have books that have seen their better day? Get them out and if they are no longer of use, dive in, give them a coat of paint, and put them back to use again!

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