How to Make a Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath

halloween wreath tutorial
Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

Here’s an easy Halloween wreath tutorial for you. Carrie needed a new Halloween wreath so she picked out some ribbon and I put it together for her on a Deco mesh base. Love the little stripped Trick or Treat sign! All the supplies came from Trendy Tree

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24″ Pencil Wreath (white, lime, black, or orange)

RE1316E7 10″ Black White Stripe Metallic Deco Mesh

RE850271 10″ Apple Lime Border Mesh (here’s another similar mesh RY850476-lime-deco-mesh)

AP8893 10″ Black White Orange Trick or Treat Sign – Sold out, but click here for more signs: Halloween

X820609-09 1.5″ Lime All Flat Glitter – sold out, but here’s a good substitute: RGE171033

51101-09-21 1.5″ Orange Black Ultra Glitter Swirls – sold out, but just choose another Halloween Ribbon

51205-40-01 2.5″ White Linen Flocked Cats – sold out, choose one from here Halloween Ribbon

55202-40-19 2/5″ Orange Satin Black Glitter White Stripes – sold out, Halloween Ribbon

51212-40-20 2.5″ Black Glitter Candy Corn – sold out, Halloween Ribbon

51203-40-21 2.5″ White Satin Black Flocked Dots

Well, most ALL the ribbon I used for this wreath is sold out, but this gives you a chance to pick some similar and make your wreath your own unique style))) Just follow the basic instructions and keep the mesh and ribbons the same size.

Large Probow (optional)

EZ Bowmaker (optional)

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The tutorial is broken down into two parts. First is the Halloween bow. The first two bows were made by the Terri Bow technique using the Probow. Terri Marshal of Mil & Dil Designs is a dear friend of mine and she created the Terri Bow technique. It makes a beautiful funky-style bow and it’s great for using assorted ribbons. Here’s that video link:

Halloween Bow Using the Terri Bow Technique and a Probow

The EZ Bowmaker was just to show that you can make the same kind of bow whether you use the Probow or EZ Bowmaker. Or, you can just free-hand a bow. You can do the same thing with a Bowdabra. The Bowdabra and EZ Bowmaker just hold the ribbon in place for you while you make your loops and tails.

Halloween Bow Using the EZ Bowmaker

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