How to Make a Basic Balloon Garland

muted shades of balloons
Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are all the rage for parties, holidays, events, open houses and so many special occasions. They are great as a backdrop for photos at birthday parties, anniversaries, and weddings.

You can watch a video that Trendy Tree made to learn how to make a balloon garland. It’s surprisingly easy!

Trendy Tree Balloon Garland Tutorial


  • Use 50# test clear fishing line. Measure the length of your garland and allow a few extra feet on each end. Place some tape on the end of your line
  • To avoid the “nipple effect” use quality balloons. Look for a brand name like Qualatex from Burton & Burton.
low quality balloon with "nipples"
Balloon Nipples – Avoid this with Quality Balloons
electric balloon inflator from amazon
Electric Balloon Pump
  • Inflate balloons, then release some air getting a more rounded shape versus the standard balloon shape.
  • Just stretch the neck of the balloon and tie it. Tie two or three balloons together instead of adding them one by one to your garland. Add a balloon cluster.
  • Wrap the fishing line around the cluster a few times, keeping them snug together. Make your balloon garland as long as desired.
  • Fill in any gaps with extra balloons.
  • Keep balloons away from children and pets.
  • Dispose of balloons properly.
  • Balloons are for decoration only.

More Inspiration!

Balloon garlands are great for school projects. Just use the school colors!

black and gold pontotoc high school colors for a balloon garland for seniors
Pontotoc High School

Below is a huge garland that had been created for a business lobby. I just love the clear balloons! They look like bubbles that have just landed)))

decorations for events in business lobbies
Business Events

Carrie and Ashleigh did the tutorial for the balloon garland at my house. The white, gold, and champagne would be perfect for a golden anniversary. Too bad ours has already passed!

white, gold, silver, champagne balloon garland for a 50th wedding anniversary or wedding event

Fall Colors

I love these rich fall colors! The balloons look like big marbles! I didn’t even know you could get balloon in those colors.

basic balloon garland in rich fall colors
Balloon Garland in Fall Colors

Here are a few images of the balloon garland Carrie and the crew from Trendy Tree did for Carrie’s house last year for Halloween.

halloween balloon garland
Halloween Balloon Garland

The team added in a ghost and spider to give the balloon garland more interest….and spookiness… that a word?

ghost balloon
Ghost Balloon
Big Balloons at the Base of the Stairs

They started with some really big balloons at the base of the staircase and then used assorted sizes and colors. Carrie says you can even purchase clear balloons and double-stuff them to make interesting colors too or for color-specific matching.

When It’s Over?

Just pop the balloons! Be sure to discard the balloons properly and keep them away from kids and pets.

Balloons are a great way to add huge pops of color to your party decorations. They lighten the mood so to speak))) They are cheerful, everyone loves them, and not terribly expensive to create if you do them yourself. Hand pumps are available at places like Walmart or Dollar Tree.

But take my advice, if you think you will be making more than one or two balloon garlands, invest in a $20 pump from Amazon. You’ll be glad you did)))

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