Halloween Candy Wreath

halloween candy wreath
Halloween Candy Wreath for Inside Use

Yesterday I put together this easy Halloween Candy Wreath. It’s made to be used inside so I hung it on my kitchen pantry door. It’s very lightweight and made out of paper napkins….so no hanging it outside. I also used some Dollar Tree wreath supplies too. They have some fun Halloween stuff!


14″ Wreath Form (Dollar Tree)

Cocktail Napkins (Dollar Tree & Dollar General)

6″ Sponge Hair Rollers (Dollar Tree) – 4 pkg

Hot Glue

Halloween Ribbon (Trendy Tree)

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Halloween Candy Wreath

The first step was to wrap the 14″ wreath form with ribbon. Initially I had tried to hot glue the “candies” to the wreath form without ribbon, but it’s much easier to cover the wreath form first. You could use any sort of ribbon that matches your other elements.

Make the Candies

The sponge hair rollers came from Dollar Tree and I used four packages. I wasn’t sure how many it would take to make Halloween Candy Wreath. This was the first time I had tried one. My inspiration came from a wreath I saw in a showroom at market months ago.

halloween candy wreath inspiraiton
Wreath Inspiration

The cocktail napkins came from Dollar Tree and Dollar General. I looked for something cellophane but opted for paper napkins. The first day I shopped I had luncheon-size napkins in assorted colors but decided cocktail size might be better.

Wouldn’t you know it….no orange cocktail napkins were left in town…anywhere! So my wreath doesn’t have as much orange as I would have liked, but I still am pleased with the way it turned out.

Also, I found that the pretty printed part of a cocktail napkin (on the ones I bought anyway) was just on the top side. Once you unfold the napkin, the rest was plain or only had a border. I made this work anyway though.

Trim off the folded edge of the napkins. I used a rotary cutter from my wreath-making tools to speed the job up a bit. And by the way, I had way too many napkins….so that’s why I didn’t list how many packages to use in the supplies. It all depends on how many different patterns or colors you want to use. You can wrap four candies from one napkin.

Sponge Hair Rollers

Halloween Candy Wreath Supplies

The sponge rollers were about 6″ in length and came in a package of six. I cut each one into three pieces so one package yielded 18 candies. Four packages = 72 pieces. I was able to go around the 14″ wreath form with one layer of candies and the extras were added as a second layer evenly spaced around the wreath.

You could always add more if you like. The rollers did have a wire inside and I cut the end off that and removed them.

sponge hair rollers
Sponge Hair Rollers – Remove Wire

Hot glue the candies to the ribbon-wrapped wreath form. Be careful! My hot glue gun doesn’t have a high or low setting and I came away with a blister this time.

hot glue faux candies to wreath
Hot Glue Candies

I just placed the candies randomly and not in any sort of pattern. Now, if Carrie had been here…..we would have had a pattern…lol

paper candies
Faux Paper Candies

Make a Bow

My bow was made out of some leftover Halloween ribbon and the 2.5″ piece that I used was just enough for a simple bow. The trick-or-treat ribbon was new, however, and is still available at Trendy Tree. It’s a narrow 7/8″ and has no wire. Here’s a link for it: Black Satin Trick or Treat Ribbon

halloween bow
Halloween Bow

Sorry, but I wasn’t able to video the bow this time. It was just a 3″ loop on each side with the striped ribbon and three loops on each side with the trick-or-treat ribbon. Then I fluffed the bow on my homemade fluff box. Do you have one of these? It’s easy to make! Here’s a link:

Just add the bow to the top, side, or bottom of the wreath. And you’re done!

halloween bow
Simple Halloween Bow

Hang the wreath inside of course because of the paper. It was very lightweight and came out to about 17″ – 18″ in width. I put mine on the kitchen pantry door for a little spookiness in my kitchen)))

halloween candy wreath
Kitchen Pantry Door

Oh by the way! I found this great black ceramic pitcher while shopping at Dollar General for cocktail napkins. It will be great to hold some dried hydrangeas painted orange or something like that. I need to get busy and get that done. Halloween is almost here!

black ceramic pitcher
Black Ceramic Pitcher

I know this is kind of late to post a Halloween craft, but I’ve had it on my mind to make for several weeks. You know how that goes….we get busy doing other things and before you know it…days or weeks have passed!

Imaging Tip

Some of you may be crafters that sell your projects. Or even if you just post them on social media you might use this tip. I wanted to show you the difference in the images that I took of my wreath in the kitchen. The lighting seems good, but my cabinets are sort of off-white. The under-the-cabinets lights have a yellow cast. So after I made the first images, I realized I should have brought my ring light to the kitchen before taking the images. I just wanted to share the images with you to show you what the difference looks like when you have more light.

comparing wreath images with existing light and using a ring light

There are still some shadows, but the colors are brighter and the door definitely showed up truer in color. Put one on your Christmas list!

Carrie gave me this ring light for Christmas and I use it over my craft table all the time for my crafting videos. I was able to do away with my big bulky box lights. It’s on a stand, and will also hold your phone if needed. Here’s a link: Inkeltech 18″ Ring Light

Inkeltech Ring Light

Just wanted to share this tip))) Pay no attention to my craft room. I usually clean up after each craft. Obviously, I didn’t this time, but I wanted to show you what a ring light looks like))

Coming Soon!

We have had some construction going on at home We had a deck built on the back of our porch. It’s ready now and the carpenter is coming back to hang our twin-size bed swing. I can’t wait! The rails have gone up and the landscaping is finished. As soon as the bed swing is hung I’ll do a blog post and share it. It’s been an adventure!

happy halloween

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