Favorite Fall Decor

favorite fall decor

I fell in love with a fall tree in the Craig Bachman Imports showroom! The colors were so vibrant and cheerful. It made me want to put up a fall tree and leave it up until spring)))

Here’s a closer look at some of the products. All from Trendy Tree of course, and they were all still in stock as of today.

Fall Signs

Signs are 12″ by 10″ and made of metal. You can use them on a tree or wreath, and even add a bow and make a door hanger with them. Easy fall decorating!

Just on a quick look, I counted over FIFTY fall signs to choose from. Everything from rectangular, square, and round shapes to metal and MDF materials. Most anything you could want for fall!

Fall Ribbon

Trendy Tree has such a wide selection of fall ribbon in 1.5″ 2.5″ and 4″ widths. Beautiful solids, plaids and checks, pumpkins, leaves, trucks, and even some gnomes! Teal and mustard seem to be really popular this year.

Pumpkin Picks

Have you noticed how fall products are now available in so many different colors? A few years ago it would have never dawned on anyone to have a pink pumpkin on their fall wreath)) Nowadays, any color goes! Animal print pumpkins are all the rage this year too.


Soft, squishy velvet pumpkins are great to use in wreaths, on trees, centerpieces or just sitting around on shelves, bookcases and coffee tables. But if you’re crafty and want to save a few dollars, here’s a link to a tutorial I did a while back showing how to make a velvet pumpkin. It’s really easy. By the way, Trendy Tree has a LOT of pumpkins to choose from. These are just a few!

Fabric pumpkins in cozy plaids, trimmed with jute. The grey and cream combination is something a little different for fall decor which is nice. Plus, it works well for Halloween too. These pumpkins give me the impression of a warm flannel shirt)))

Need a little WOW factor for your fall decorating? Well, try one or two of these brightly colored flocked pumpkins. Definitely an attention-getter! These velvety flocked pumpkins are not the soft squishy kind, they are firm. Guess they are ripe for the picking!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well, mostly cheetah and leopard))) Animal print isn’t going anywhere. It’s been around for a while and we continue to see loads of it in signs, ribbon patterns, fabrics, and clothing. You name it, it’s always in style.

I just had my back porch sofa recovered in an animal print! I’ll post some pics when I get my contrasting pillows and things.

I told you Trendy Tree had a bunch of pumpkins to choose from! This is not all, I just picked out some of my fall favorites. Browse the fall section for more.

Wooden Beads

Wood bead decorations are trendy all year long. These natural colored ones are especially good for fall like the leaf ornaments. I used them in a fall lantern decoration and fall floral on my back porch. Somehow I missed the one with the tassels! I’ll have to talk to Carrie about that and squirrel one away before they are all gone!

Wrapping it Up!

These are just a few of my favorite fall decor products from Trendy Tree. They have so many to choose from! I used to be able to go to the warehouse and just browse around to see things. But now, they have so many to choose from I have to browse the website. No more special treatment!

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