October To Do List

october to do list
Matt Painting Pumpkins

Here are some suggestions for an October To Do List. Now don’t get worried, it’s not a list that tells you to clean your house to get ready for Thanksgiving, or add pine straw to your flower beds. It’s some fun things to do!

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp cool air, though in Mississippi it really hasn’t reached that point yet except early in the morning, but we’re getting there)). I love the falling leaves even if they are a mess to clean up and I yearn for a trip to New England someday to see the changing leaves. Right now I just have to settle for sweet gum, hickory, and maple trees to turn their beautiful fall colors before shedding their leaves. Here are my suggestions.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

We’re lucky since we only live a few minutes from our favorite corn maze and pumpkin patch – Wise Farms. We’ve been taking our grandchildren there for years and now they have all grown up but it’s still fun to wander around the farm and watch the other children having fun.

If you’re in my area, here’s a link to the Wise Farms website for more info. They have a corn maze, pumpkin patch, bonfires, animals, playgrounds, hillbilly golf, food, and so much more.

scarecrow, hay bales, wise farms, october to do list
Grandchildren at Wise Farms

Play in the Leaves

Fallen leaves no doubt are a mess to clean up, but before you rake them up to burn, give the kids a chance to play in them. Yes, they will get dirty and have to bathe when they get through, but it’s fun they will never forget))) I’m not sure what it is about raking leaves and burning those big piles that is so satisfying. Maybe it’s the smell of the burning leaves in the cool air. It’s that kind of outside work that you can enjoy. Oh, Matt was in his “boot” phase. He wore boots all the time whether it be cowboy boots or rubber boots, you hardly ever saw him without them!

pile of fall leaves
Matt in a Pile of Leaves

Build a Fire

Another favorite thing to do from my October To Do List is to build a fire as soon as the temp is below 70 degrees)) It doesn’t have to be a big fire. You can build one in the yard (be safe of course), a fire pit, or a backyard fireplace.

When we built our house one of the things I wanted most was a fireplace on the porch and an outdoor kitchen. We have used it more than I would have ever imagined. We have wood waiting just as soon as it’s cool enough to get a fire started)))

Roast wieners on sticks made out of sturdy coat hangers or pick up some metal ones at Walmart. They are great for roasting weiners but they do get hot. They are perfect for doing marshmallows too, just be careful. To a child, they make a perfect spear! Oh, don’t forget a fire calls for Smores…so pick up some graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey bars to have on hand.

back porch fireplace
october to do list
Back Porch Fire Place

My dad lived to be 98 and when he would come to our house for Sunday lunch we would always have a fire going on the back porch when the weather was cool enough. He smoked cigarettes. Yes, he was 98 and had no COPD or anything other than a smoker’s cough. He always went out on the back porch to smoke. He would always say…..”Jeannie Dale, you are losing all your heat out here, it’s just going up the chimney.” I don’t think he could ever get used to the idea that we had a fire just for the fun and ambiance of it.

He was probably thinking about the time he grew up with nothing but a fireplace to heat the house. I remember that myself! The fireplace was in the living room and we would all huddle right in front of it. Someone was always complaining….you’re blocking all the heat!

We had one of those popcorn poppers too that you held over the fire. I can’t remember it being anything like the best popcorn you ever ate….it was more like mostly burned))) But it was still our only after-supper snack.

You can’t imagine how comfortable it was when we got our first butane heaters in the house. There was one in the living room and one in the kitchen. But compared to that one fireplace in the whole house, it seemed toasty warm!

Stock up on Hot Chocolate Supplies

For the past couple of years, especially since COVID, I have had the hardest time finding sugar-free hot chocolate mix. Of course, you can make your own and I have (had) a recipe for that. Plus it looks pretty in the jar)))

It was a recipe that I altered to make it just the right amount of Swerve sweetener and creamer. I thought I would post it for you….but had no luck finding it! I guess I’ll have to start all over again and create another batch and tweak it.

In the meantime, I can set up a hot chocolate bar in a corner of the kitchen or out on the back porch and just use the hot cocoa packets.

national hot chocolate day

There was a time when the grandkids would “put in their orders” for hot chocolate to go on the way to school. I kept go cups in the pantry and fixed each one individually. Some wanted marshmallows, whipped cream, no whipped cream, etc. When the day or rainy or really cold, my husband would provide curb service))

Collect Pinecones

An October To Do list wouldn’t be complete without picking up some pinecones! It’s another activity that even the smallest of kids can do. Plus it saves your back! Give them all a plastic bag and turn them loose picking up pinecones. The bigger the better.

pinecones for decorating
october to do list

I love decorating with them in the fall and at Christmas. They look great just by filling a basket or adding to floral arrangements. Prepare your pinecones for decorating by baking them in the oven.

Just place them on a tinfoil-lined pan and bake at 200-225 for about 30 minutes or so. It will dry them out and make them open up a bit. It will also get rid of any little critters hiding in there.

There are so many ways you can decorate pinecones. Spray them any color. Spray with clear spray and sprinkle some glitter. Sprinkle some cinnamon or cloves spice. Add ribbon to the top and hang as ornaments. You can also place a bit of floral wire around the top and wire them into a wreath or floral arrangement.

I saw the cutest pinecone tree once in a showroom. It was a tomato cage with pine cones wired to it. Wire had been placed around the tomato cage to fill in gaps so there would be something to attach the pinecones to. Tomato cages are still plentiful at places like Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot. They have all sizes and colors.

Shop for Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, so time to shop now if you’re purchasing a costume. If you plan to make one or put together a costume from your closet, start working on it.

My grandchildren always loved dressing up in costumes! You were likely to find them any time of the year dressed up as spiderman, little mermaid, superman, and so on.

belle costume for maggie
Maggie as Belle
Aj dressed up as a doctor
Dr. Martin
matt in superman cape
Matt – Superman

I can’t tell you how many superman and batman capes I have created, along with face masks of every kind.

When my daughter was small, one year I removed the dress from her 36″ Raggedy Ann Doll, made a yarn wig, and dressed her in those clothes. She was so cute! You can’t imagine my disappointment the year she wanted a cheap Donald Duck costume with a plastic mask! But I got it, that’s what we do isn’t it)))

Oh, by the way, hang on to one costume so all the kids can wear it at one time or another.

frog halloween costume that all the grandchildren wore
Frog Suit

Go to a Football Game

Visit a high school football game or college. Tailgate with friends! It’s a lot of work, but it’s so much fun.

ole miss football
Ole Miss Football

Pumpkin Spice

Well, I’m not a pumpkin spice person, but so many people are! So add that to your October To Do List if you’re a fan)))

pumpkin spice latte
Pumpkin Spice Latte

What are some of your favorite things to do? My personal list has had to change since the grandchildren are all grown up now. But I’m browsing some new recipes to make for this fall and exploring some crafts.

I’ve been seeing some recipes for caramel apple dip that I’ve been dying to try. Now would be the perfect time for it. Hey, there’s a football game tomorrow. We’ll watch it on the back porch. That would be the perfect time to try out the caramel apple dip recipe and grill some hot dogs))

happy fall yall
Happy Fall Y’all!

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs! So many memories when we were small and our kids , times have changed! But I have always lived the only fashioned things myself, pine cones and hay rides going to the farm we still do even now my youngest is 19 and she still loves to go feed the animals I absolutely love the fall my favorite season! New England is beautiful! I am happy I’m not that far from some beautiful sightseeing! Hope you can see it someday Jeannie ❤️

    1. Thank you for following Melissa, I appreciate it))) Probably the best fall sightseeing we have here is driving down the Natchez Trace. Sounds like I need to plan a road trip)))

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