Quick Update for a Fall Boxwood Wreath

quick update for a fall boxwood wreath, add a new bow with pretty fall ribbon

Update your fall boxwood wreath with just a quick simple bow. Fall is my favorite time of the year but sometimes you just don’t have time to go all-out decorating. When that happens, there are small simple things that you can do. Updating my boxwood wreaths on the side doors fit into this category this year.

These boxwood wreaths have been on my side entryway for several months now and have already seen several different changes. So when I do add something to them, I make it simple so it will be each to change out later.

The boxwood wreaths, by the way, were two that I re-purposed from a broken square boxwood wreath. Here’s the link to show you how I did that.

Fall Ribbon

I just love fall ribbon and I have to give a shout-out to Trendy Tree for the wonderful selection!

Trendy Tree Fall Ribbon

There are over 100 styles in their fall ribbon category. And that doesn’t count the solids, stripes, and polka dots in fall colors. So, there is ample ribbon to choose from))) Choosing ribbon is the hardest part! There are so many patterns it’s easy to go down that rabbit hole! Sometimes I like to just browse and sometimes I have a predetermined plan. Today I did just that I knew what I wanted because I had two throw pillows. One was navy and the other an animal print. Here are my choices:

RGC183419 2.5″ Navy with Foil Maple Leaf

61109-09-21 1.5″ Petite Satin Cheetah

2/5″ Cream Dupioni by d.stevens (premium ribbon from my craft room)

Putting it Together

I removed the old bow and decoration and tied a length of the cream premium ribbon around the wreath just for tails. You can stretch your premium ribbon by just making one loop and having some tails or just tails. Plus, the tails gave me something to attach the bow to.

Make a simple bow with the other two ribbons and attach it. Mine was about an 8″ bow with four loops of the navy foil maple leaf ribbon, and three loops of the 1.5″ cheetah ribbon.

To even up the long tails, I just rolled up the longer cream dupioni ribbon instead of cutting it off. This bow will be easy to remove after Thanksgiving or before when I make a Christmas bow to go on the boxwood wreaths. Now I have two fall boxwood wreaths))

Bow Tutorials

I didn’t do a bow tutorial for this simple bow, but I have many that you can view. I’ll post some of those links at the bottom.

So, you don’t have to spend a time of time and effort decorating, it’s the simple things that will get you by and serve the purpose)))

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