Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

foam pumpkin floral arrangement
Pumpkin Arrangement

Time to make a fall pumpkin arrangement! Tomorrow is the first day of September and we don’t have any cooler weather yet….but at least we know it’s coming)))

I’ve seen several arrangements made on top of foam pumpkins or even fresh flowers inside a hollowed-out real pumpkin so I thought I’d try my hand at it. The thing about using a real pumpkin is that….it draws gnats! So I opted for a Walmart foam pumpkin.

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Foam Pumpkin


Hot Glue



Wood Wool or Spanish Moss

My pumpkin floral arrangement was made with all leftover pieces of florals. You know that stash you keep instead of throwing away leftover pieces))) Well, my stash is quite large and holds flower pieces and greenery for just about all seasons! So I picked out the fall florals like sunflowers and yellow blooms along with some fall greenery. I used leftover ribbon and made a simple bow, attached it to a pick, and inserted it into the Styrofoam.

two ribbon fall bow secured to a wooden skewer and stuck in styrofoam
Two Ribbon Bow on Skewer

Here are some similar pieces in stock at Trendy Tree in case you don’t have a stash of leftovers))

Trendy Tree Products

EC4050 Bittersweet Bush

FB551151-060 Yellow Heather Bush

Sunflower Filler Bush

56809LTBN Light Brown Fern

56515OR Orange Crab Berry Wheat Bush

SBF9027-AUT Autumn Eucalyptus

RGA192434 1.5″ ‘Teal Orange Woven Check Ribbon

RG1211N6 1.5″ Sun Yellow Ribbon

EZ Bowmaker


  1. Remove the stem from a foam pumpkin
  2. Hot glue a piece of Styrofoam
  3. Start with your largest blooms and fill in with other pieces, working from side to side, front to back
  4. Attach a simple bow using a floral pick or wooden skewer to secure it to the Styrofoam
  5. Cover Styrofoam with wood wool, moss or Spanish moss
fall arrangement created on a foam pumpkin as sa centerpiece
Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece

Hot Glue Gun

I love my cordless glue gun, it’s perfect for projects like the pumpkin floral arrangement. Dab little bunches of wood wool with hot glue and cover up the Styrofoam. Be careful….hot glue is HOT!

So many times a glue gun with a cord is just unhandy as the cord gets in the way or makes the glue gun fall over. I found this cordless glue gun at Harbor Freight Tools and it’s been just right for my craft table.

This past weekend we had to get a new cordless drill and after we got home….we found out that the batteries for the glue gun and drill were the same! That was a great find since now I should always be able to find a battery that is charged)))

hello fall

Fall is my favorite time of the year no doubt. It puts me in the mood for decorating even if it is still blazing hot right now…..cooler weather is coming)))

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