Make a Tinsel Tangle Door Swag

how to make a christmas swag
Tinsel Tangle Swag

Looking for a wreath or door swag for the holidays? Here’s an adorable teardrop swag that you can make!

Video Tutorial

Just watch the video that Adam Knight, Knight’s Designs by Adam, did for the Trendy Tree Wednesday Workshop last week. It’s so cute and brightly colored. I love the shades of green and ice blue. Such a cute sign too))) Watch the video below.

Wreath Kit

Adam’s Tinsel in a Tangle Swag Kit

Individual Supplies

I love the sign! So perfect for that hectic time during the holidays.

don't get your tinsel in a tangle sign
Trendy Tree Sign

The sign would be cute just sitting on an easel in any part of your house. Just add a bow! An instant spot to make someone smile)))


Whether you are an old hand at crafting or a newbie, when the supplies are put together for you, that’s 90 percent of the work. Well, maybe not exactly, but it really helps when you are first starting to have someone pull together what you need to make a wreath. Wreath kits fill that bill!

Trendy Tree is always putting together new kits with quality products that get you off to a good start on wreath making. Adam always adds a little extra touch and the turquoise glitter sprays he added were products he had in his craft room and not in the kit. Also, there are some turquoise cluster balls in the kit that are optional.

If you’re new to wreath making, here’s a link to a basic ruffle wreath. Making a ruffle wreath is a good place to start. It only takes two rolls of 10″ x 10 yards of deco mesh and it will come out nice and even using the ruffle technique. Here’s the link:

Trendy Tree Wednesday Workshop

Every Wednesday at 5:00 pm CST, Trendy Tree showcases a designer who creates something beautiful for the home. It may be a wreath, door swag, centerpiece, lantern topper, or something else altogether. Bowmaking is usually included too!

peppermint and ho ho ho ribbon with blue, red, and white
Cute Ribbon!

I love the ribbon choices for this Christmas door swag. The colors are so fresh and crisp. The supplies have green, but shades of green that blend with teal, ice blue, or turquoise. The red and white contrast just pops out at ya!

The peppermint stripe with the ice blue is my favorite! And Adam makes the bow-making look so easy! Just watch the video….he is making a beautiful bow without even seemingly thinking about it. Just loop, loop, loop, and it turns out perfect! Me…I have to use a device like the EZ Bowmaker, Bowdabra, or Probow to get mine even.

So, if you love to craft or just want to watch others do it, drop in and check it out. They go live on the Trendy Tree Facebook page and live on the Trendy Tree YouTube channel at the same time.

And check out Adam’s Etsy Shop and Facebook Page. You might even find this cute Christmas door swag still available in his shop. But if not, he has many more gorgeous creations to choose from.

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