Basic Deco Mesh Ruffle Wreath

basic ruffle wreath using two rolls of 10" mesh and a 24" wreath form from Trendy Tree
Basic Ruffle Wreath

This post will show you how to make a basic ruffle wreath using Deco mesh. There are several different ways to do this but I’m sharing my favorite way.


24″ Pencil or Work Wreath

10″ x 10 Yards Deco Mesh – 2 Rolls

Wreath Forms

The supplies I used all came from Trendy Tree of course))). There are many different styles of wreath forms out there, but I prefer to use either a Pencil Wreath or a Work Wreath. They already have the twist ties attached which makes it super simple even if you are making your first wreath.

There are 18 twists on a 24″ wreath. The 24″ wreaths sold at Trendy Tree measure 15″ across the widest metal ring, but with the addition of mesh and other products, your finished wreath will be about 24″ or larger.

There are many different colors and styles of wreath forms to choose from at Trendy Tree. Today, I’m using a standard round one.


There are also hundreds of styles of Deco mesh beginning with plain mesh that has no foil, up to deluxe mesh, and mesh that has other fibers like cotton or Polyester. The wider the foil or the more fibers that are added results in a denser mesh. Denser mesh covers a wreath form better than plain mesh.

Today I used two rolls of red metallic mesh. It’s one of the less expensive mesh products but I wanted you to see what nice coverage it gives.

Ruffle Technique

A ruffle wreath is one of the simplest wreaths to make. It always comes pretty nice and even. It’s a great technique for a beginner to start with. With pretty mesh, you really only need to add a bow. But you can also add ribbon strips or loops, a sign, florals, and ornaments. Start with a basic wreath and build on it.

You will see crafters do the ruffle technique in different ways. So you just have to practice and work in the way that suits you best.

You can create a ruffle wreath by adding one 30″ ruffle to a twist; or use two 20″ ruffles to a twist. When I first started making ruffle wreaths sometimes I placed three 10″ ruffles to a twist! But that’s a lot of extra cutting, and the more cuts you have in your mesh, the more unraveling can occur.

All mesh does some unraveling, some more than others. To me, fabric mesh unravels the least. But just know that you will have some loose strings here and there. Clip with scissors instead of pulling.

A roll 10-yard mesh should have about 360 inches. So if you use 30″ ruffles, you have 30″ of mesh in each twist and a little bit left over when using two rolls of mesh for a 24″ wreath form.

If you use two 20″ ruffles you have 40″ of mesh in each twist and none leftover on either roll. I like this method because I don’t have like having short ends of mesh!

Now don’t get me wrong, short ends are useful, but they really clutter up a craft room quickly if you make a lot of wreaths.

Here’s an example of a wreath I made using the ruffle technique.

Wreath Making Tips

  • Match the wreath form to your primary mesh color, unless you’re going for contrast.
  • Save money by making your first layer of ruffles with a less expensive mesh. Make the second ruffle (which goes on top) out of your more expensive mesh.
  • Try contrasting colors. You can use two colors or styles of mesh.
  • 10.25″ or 10.5″ works the same as 10″ mesh when making ruffles.
  • Don’t worry if your roll comes up a bit short, it won’t show. If you’re worried that it will, place that skimpy ruffle underneath your bow.
  • Watch lots of different wreath makers to learn tips of the trade.
  • Hiding your twist is really overkill to me. Unless, like in the video, you have to use a wreath form that doesn’t match your mesh at all and you’re not putting other products into the wreath like ribbon strips, florals, etc.
  • Check the back of your wreath for sharp elements that might scratch your door. Cover them up or turn them into the wreath with needlenose pliers.
  • Make a hanger with zip ties, chenille stems, or floral wire.

Try It – You’ll Like It!

If you’ve been thinking about trying to make a wreath, go for it! You’ll have fun. I plan to make one in a day or two for my front door and will be using the ruffle technique. My front door is dark brown so my wreaths don’t always show up well. This year I plan to make a white or silver one. I’ll probably just use pretty mesh and a big bow. I’ll get it posted when it’s finished))

Here are some links for supplies at Trendy Tree.

Work Forms



Seasonal (Signs, florals, etc)

The form you have selected does not exist.


  1. Did you use the “Red Delux Metalic Poly Mesh-$6.97”, the “Red Metalic Fabric Mesh-$850” or “Red Metalic Deco Poly Mesh-$4.95”?
    Thanks, Lynn Harrison

    1. Lynn I believe I used the red wide foil which is actually sold out at this time. But RE134124 would be even a better choice because the foil strips are wider and gives better coverage.

    2. The XB98710-12 red metallic fabric mesh is the ultimate though))) It’s my favorite for the best coverage, of course, it’s more expensive too. I’ve used it for poinsettia wreaths.

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