Easy Fall Planter Ideas

easy fall planter ideas with mums
Easy Fall Planter Ideas

This is a repost from last year)))

The older I get, I’m all about making things simpler like these easy fall planter ideas. Years ago, I would do the “right” thing by removing all summer plants and planting new fall ones. It became so difficult to remove the dead summer ferns that I had to get my husband to help me.

Once we had removed the old dead ferns, the newly-filled pots with mums and fresh dirt would be so heavy we could hardly move them around. My husband would say, now figure out where you want this thing because I’m not moving it again! So, I had to come up with a better solution.

Fall Planters

I have three planters all the same size on the back porch. And two of the same planters on the side porch. For ferns in the spring and summer, I just set the ferns in their original containers over in the pots and they stay there until frost. After they die, it’s so easy just to remove them and put something new like this big yellow mum my friend gave me. One and done! Pretty easy huh.

yellow mums for a fall planter idea
Container Mums

For the other containers on my back porch, I picked up some small container mums in different colors and a few small pumpkins. I had wanted to get some of those ornamental cabbages but they were $10 a piece!

Next year I need to remember that and try to pick up some smaller ones as soon as they are available and give them a little growing time. Good gracious, all the plants were a little higher this year for sure.

Two of the pots have ivy growing in them and it lasts all year long. You can’t kill it I reckon. I just keep trimming it off when it gets too long. There is also a white hydrangea in each pot and I’ve already trimmed it back for the year. In the spring I’ll add some full-sun impatiens or some other annuals that will take full sun to the pot.

For an easy fall planter, I placed a couple of small mums in each pot along with some pumpkins.

easy fall planter idea
Fall Planter with Mums, Ivy, & Pumpkins

I love the yellow and other colors of mums for fall, but yellow is my favorite. And I love white pumpkins! Maybe my love for white pumpkins is because we never saw them growing up. The only pumpkins we had were orange. When I was young, we never decorated at home for any season other than Christmas, but occasionally we would have a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

fall planter filled with mums


The dirt level is a little low in the planter, so when I placed the pumpkins in there, they were just too low to show up nicely. So, I crumpled up some paper sacks and tucked them under the pumpkins to elevate them a little.

elevate pumpkins with crumpled paper
Elevate Pumpkins on Crumpled Paper

For easy fall planters, just set the small mums, pot, and all, over into the container. If you have to cover it up a little you can tuck straw, hay, wood shavings, Spanish moss, or something like that around the pots so they won’t show.

small mums placed pot and all in container
Small Mums in Pots

I was able to just move some of the ivy stems around and cover up most of mine.

assorted mums

Other colorful plants you could add to a fall planter are pansies, crotons, and of course ornamental cabbages. And if you really want to get fancy with your fall planters, take a look at these images I took while in New Albany, MS having lunch the other day with friends. The planters on the streets, especially in front of Sugaree’s were just fantastic.

Bankhead Street New Albany, MS

fall flowers in a small bathtub

Three ornamental cabbages! Yellow mums, and I think that purple stuff might be fountain grass. I’m not sure.

fall container of plants

This looks like a big pot of Swedish ivy and pumpkins or gourds rather. I love the glass things sticking up out of the pot. Now, I know these have a particular name but I don’t know what it is. If you do, please leave a comment)))

easy fall planter

The frost hasn’t gotten this fern yet, and it still has some impatiens blooming. This image was taken a couple of weeks ago and I bet this pot has been changed out already.

fall plant with gourds and glass mushroom

Don’t you just love those warty gourds))) That may be some rosemary in the pot, I’m not sure. And again, the frost has probably gotten some of the plants in this pot.

Sounds like I need to go back to New Albany and see what they have out that’s new))) I’m always looking for a reason to drop in at Sugaree’s Bakery …..and get a sandwich at the Vintage Market.

Fancy pots are nice, but for me, I’ll just stick to some easy fall planter ideas))) How do you fix yours? I’d love to hear from you, I’m always looking for new ways of doing things))

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