Project: Repurpose Wall Baskets for Fall

same moss wall basket, decorated for spring, then patriotic and now fall

Old wreath, new fall spirit – the joy of repurposing is all about the fun journey! Time to tackle my wall baskets!

My next project, hopefully, this weekend is to repurpose the Patriotic wall baskets on my side door to fall decor with some painted pumpkins, new ribbon, and bits of greenery.

As you can see, these wall baskets have gone through spring, the 4th of July, and now are ready to get dressed up for fall.

My plan had been to have this tutorial ready to post today, but other priorities had to take place))) Anyway… are my plans for the weekend.

Trendy Tree

The first thing I had to do was pick out some new fall ribbon at Trendy Tree. They probably have about, oh, I don’t know, over a thousand styles to choose from! I wanted something blue and orange, so I settled on these two styles. They may need a little white or cream mixed in, but I probably have some short ends in my stash that will work.

paints to match ribbon for a fall wreath

Supplies (other than wall baskets)

  • RGC1332FR 2.5 Plaid Faux Dupioni (as luck would have it, I got the last roll!)
  • RGC1333FR 4″ Plaid Faux Dupioni – a good substitute
  • RGC118720 2.5″ Orange Gauze Ribbon
  • Both these ribbons have been very popular because of their color and style, especially the gauze ribbon. So just browse the Fall Ribbon Collection to pick out other beautiful prints, plaids, or solids.
  • Fall Ribbon Collection
  • Apple Barrel Craft Paint Pumpkin Orange, Aqua Sky, Antique Parchment
  • Plastic Pumpkins – Dollar Tree
  • Plastic Pumpkins & Gourds – Trendy Tree

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Mossy Wall Baskets

The wall baskets are old, I’ve used them several times already and they are no longer in stock at Trendy Tree. I love items like these wall baskets because you can reuse them over and over. There is nothing that will fill up your extra storage space than if you have to store a lot of different wreaths and decorations.

But if you do have store wreaths from season to season, be sure to cover them with a plastic bag. A large garbage bag or a bag from the cleaners works well. It’s best if you can hang them up somewhere. Preferably not in the attic! I’ve done it too though by just hanging wreaths on nails in the attic. It’s one of those things like….do as I say, not as I do)))

I keep a stash of flowers, old and new that I draw from when I’m working on projects and just add in new bushes and stems when I have to. That’s where Trendy Tree comes in handy)) I may have to call on Carrie to bring me out a bush for greenery, but we’ll see.

Craft Paint & Pumpkins

The craft paints came from Walmart. I just took the ribbon in to match the colors. The paints are really inexpensive and are easy to clean up. These paints are a matte finish. My plan is to just paint some small pumpkins and/or gourds and tuck them in the wall baskets’ slot with a little bit of greenery.

Stay Tuned!

Check back next week and see how this project turns out! After I get the wall baskets done for the side doors, I need to turn my attention to my mantel and get it decorated for fall.

weekend project: update a mossy wall basket for fall

Are you working on a fall project yet? I’d love to hear from you)))

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