Skeleton Halloween Decoration

halloween skeleton in a bathtub filled with bubbles
Skeleton in a Bubble Bath!

The skeleton Halloween decoration was a fun project that Carrie and I did a couple of years ago. We both love Halloween!

When we lived out in the country, we had a big backyard Halloween party every year with a hayride, outdoor movies, apple bobbing, pumpkin painting, tons of food, family, and friends. Sometimes we had a costume party. We were younger then! Now I just put up a few Halloween decorations(((

painting pumpkins
Maggie Painting Pumpkin – Now in College!

We would decorate the yard with skeletons lounging in the pool on a raft, on a tire swing, and driving a tractor. We had a small barn that we decorated with lights and fresh shavings, hay bales to sit on and a big bonfire before the night was over. You do things when the grandchildren are growing up and once that time has passed….so goes your decorating spirit!

But anyway, this Halloween skeleton decoration was a fun project! We started with about a 36″ or 48″ plastic skeleton that came from Walmart. I needed a galvanized metal tub his size and as luck would have it….one of my best friends had the perfect size tub! I borrowed it….and yes, I did return it after Halloween))

halloween skeleton decoration supplies
Halloween Skeleton Supplies

Other supplies included assorted size clear glass iridescent Christmas ornament, battery lights on wire string, poly fiberfill, and some double stick tape.

First Step – Skeleton

We positioned the skeleton in the tub and scotched him with a book or two to keep him from sliding down in the tub. You could probably secure him with tape too.

Second Step – Poly, Lights, Ornaments

Fill up the tub with some crumpled paper towels or white tissue paper. Then fill in some pieces of the fiberfill. Scatter the battery lights around on top of the fiberfill.

Remove the hangers from the ornaments and scatter them around on top of the fiberfill. Use a little double-stick tape to keep them from sliding off. If you wanted to make a permanent Halloween skeleton decoration you could use hot glue….but I knew I would be breaking mine down after Halloween.

use iridescent glass ornaments with caps removed for bubbles
Use Glass Ornaments for “Bubbles”

I love how the iridescent glass ornaments pick up the light! This decoration looked so cute on my back porch with the lights off. I don’t know why I didn’t take a pic of it!

Final Touches

Well, we really didn’t know if our skeleton was male or female, but since it was in the bathtub, we tied a little head rag around its head.

skeleton halloween decoration

Oh, be sure to stuff some of the fiberfill into the chest cavity too. Also, we placed a “bubble” in its hand.

halloween skeleton holding a bubble in its hand

I may have to ask to borrow that tub again! After Halloween that year, I saved all the ornaments and stored them away for another project, but this one was so much fun I think I’ll do it again. Maybe get a little kinky and put TWO skeletons in the tub…lol

halloween bubble bath with skeleton
Rub-a-Dub-Dub Skeleton in a Tub!

Facebook Live

You can watch the Facebook Live that Carrie and I did making the Halloween skeleton decoration below.

Halloween Decor

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  1. Jeannie…watched your original posting of this Skeleton Halloween Decoration video, watched multiple times since, and just love it!! The skeleton is so cute in that tub with “bubbles”!! I also LOVE Halloween. My Mother made it great for me every year growing up, and I put out Halloween decorations every year in my home. Have a great week!

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