Next Project – Sunflower Garland

sunflower garland

Creating a sunflower garland for the window in my office is the next project! Don’t you just love sunflowers! I do….and fall is the perfect time to add big bold bunches of sunshine. They are pretty all summer long, but they really say fall don’t they.

Here’s an image I took in the RAZ showroom a while back. I’ve wanted to re-create that sunflower garland since the first time I saw it.

sunflower garland draped over an oval window with shutters
RAZ Imports Showroom

My home office has one window in it and it’s curved at the top so this is just the perfect spot for a sunflower garland.

jeannie's home office
Home Office

Trendy Tree Products

Here’s a list of the products I brought out from Trendy Tree to use in the sunflower garland. I plan to re-use a eucalyptus garland that I already have on hand.

Here’s a closeup of the sunflower products.

Sunflower Picks & Sprays from Trendy Tree

Stay Tuned

I’ll do an updated post and share it when I finish the garland. Can’t wait to get started))) Do you have a fav fall project? Please share!

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  1. I like the sunflower garland that is so cute! I have a question, where do you get your real pumpkin stems? Do you offer them in the shop? Have a blessed day Miss Jeannie

    1. I saved my stems from my last year’s fall decor. I love using white and orange pumpkins on the porches and around the house. Enlist your friends that decorate for fall to start saving you some stems before they throw their pumpkins out))) But you can buy the on Etsy too, we did that a year or so ago before I started saving my own. Here’s a link:

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