Family Traditions: Taco Tuesday

family traditions like eating taco on tuesdays

Family Traditions

Is Taco Tuesday a family tradition in your home? I think it’s a great family tradition especially if you have children or grandchildren. It’s not a tradition that we have, but I still think it’s great!

You may be wondering why I’m writing about it if it’s not one of our traditions! Well, I was searching for something on Trendy Tree and ran across the taco Christmas ornaments. They have two styles, one is from RAZ and the other is Old World Christmas. The RAZ one is on sale by the way.

Gifting Ornaments

I thought the taco ornaments would be such a cute gift for anyone who has Taco Tuesday as a family tradition. Gifting ornaments is something that you should reserve just for the holidays. The figural ornaments are perfect for gifting all year long. All you need is a reason, special occasion, funny experience, vacation, favorite food…..and the list goes on and on.

A taco Christmas ornament hanging on a tree years from now will bring back those memories of the fun times you experienced on Taco Tuesday)))

taco tuesday christmas ornament

The Old World Christmas taco Christmas ornament comes with a little hang tag that reads: The Taco is a traditional food in Mexico and is very popular here in the United States too. Consisting of a folded corn tortilla filled with any variety of meat, cheese, beans and vegetables, it is then doused with a spicy sauce. Tacos make a delicious meal or snack.

Storing Christmas Ornaments

You might be wondering about how to keep up with Christmas ornaments that are given or received during the year. All the Christmas decorations are put away and if you are like me, you’re not going to drag them out just to put away a small ornament. Thus, a small ornament can get lost or forgotten about before the next holiday.

Do you ever buy things for future use and forget about them, or can’t find them when you do remember? Me too! It brings to mind when Carrie was expecting her first baby, our grandson A.J. I found the cutest little books that were titled “What is a Mom” and “What is a Dad.” I planned to give Carrie hers on her first Mother’s Day and to David on Father’s Day. Well….that never happened. I forgot about them and ran across them neatly tucked away some time (years) later. AJ will be 23 on his birthday…..see what I mean!

Here are some ways to keep up with them!

  • Dedicated Storage Box: The simplest way to keep ornaments like the taco for Taco Tuesday is to store them in a sturdy cardboard box. Keep the box in the top of your closet in each wreath and LABEL it.
  • Protect from Breakage: Wrap the glass ornament in tissue paper, newspaper, or even paper towels.
  • Keepsake Journal: If you decide to make a practice of gifting ornaments for memorable occasions, jot them down in a journal. Between that and your special box you’ll be all ready to decorate your tree come Christmas!
  • Display Special Ornaments: Reserve a specific spot in your home for showcasing ornaments to prevent misplacement. A shadow box comes to mind.

Old World Christmas

The Old World Christmas collection at Trendy Tree is extensive. When we first went into business as Trendy Tree I had always thought of Christmas ornaments as pretty balls and finials. I had no experience with figural ornaments. Radko I knew about, but they were way too expensive for my budget.

Figural Christmas ornaments are made in the shapes of objects, characters, animals, birds….most anything you can think of! There are ornaments for foodies like the taco ornament for Taco Tuesday. Ornaments represent everyday, common things like tools, appliances, toys, sports, travel, and cosmetics just to name a few!

figural old world christmas ornaments
Old World Christmas Figural Ornaments at Trendy Tree

Most collectible Christmas ornaments are made of mouth-blown glass and hand-painted. They can range in price from $9.99 to $99.99 or more. The Old World Christmas ornaments are affordable with most prices around $10 to $30.

Gifting Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are more than just pretty decorations; they represent cherished memories, milestones, and family traditions like Taco Tuesday)). It doesn’t necessarily have to be a memorable occasion to gift a special ornament. You might find an ornament that makes you smile and think of someone you love.

An example that comes to my mind is the Rubber Chicken ornament that made me think of one of my grandsons the moment I saw it…..perfect for him then, he was such a goofball! Years ago we started gifting the grandchildren ornaments by choosing an ornament that reflected special memories. They have quite a collection now and even though they are all grown up, they still will admire the ornament tree and say things like “That’s my cheeseburger” or “Awwww there’s my wagon.”

Occasions and Events

Numerous occasions and events present ideal opportunities for giving ornaments as gifts. Just like Taco Tuesday))) Here are more suggestions.

  • Birthdays: Matching an ornament to the theme of a birthday party adds a special touch to the celebration. Matt had a cowboy birthday party, and his cake featured a red barn ornament and farm animals. Christmas ornaments make great party favors for kids to take home too.
  • Vacations: Theme park ornaments, beach, mountains, activities done on vacations….ornaments for any of these events are easy to find: beach balls, boats, fishing, landmarks, sand castles, you get the picture))
  • Foodies: The selection of food ornaments is expansive! Gifting an ornament of a favorite food is easy to do! There are cheeses, cookies, fast food, beverages, candy, cocktails, fruits, veggies, and even some brands like Hostess Twinkies and Coke!
  • Ornaments for Small Children: Consider gifting a collectible glass ornament to a child, even though they may not initially show excitement. Present it in a way that allows the parent to keep it for later, such as including a themed ornament separately, like a dump truck Christmas ornament with a toy dump truck.

Wrapping it Up

So…this was the reason for the Taco Tuesday post))) Just a thought so that you would keep in mind that gifting collectible Christmas ornament is something you can do all year long.

If you get them for your kids or grandchildren, just remember where you put them! Ornaments that lend themselves to adding a date or name with. a permanent marker is a great idea too.

You could put a name and date on the back of the Taco Tuesday ornament for instance)) The RAZ taco ornament has a smoother surface than the Old World Christmas taco and remember, it’s on sale)))

taco tuesday christmas ornament

Happy Ornament Gifting!

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