How to Paint a Grapevine Wreath

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(Repost from 2022)

This post will show you how to spray paint a grapevine wreath. You may have wondered if a grapevine wreath can be painted. Yes, it can! It’s easy, all you need is a can of spray paint.

Watch the video


Grapevine Wreath

Spray Paint (I used Rust-Oleum from Walmart)

Get Started

  • Shake off any loose pieces on the wreath and wipe it down with a cloth if dusty
  • The wreath must be dry
  • Spray the wreath outdoors
  • Shake the paint can well
  • Spray and allow to dry between coats (I really didn’t and it still worked okay)
  • Spray outside and inside edges. The back doesn’t need spraying unless you plan to use it on a glass door

Updating a Grapevine Wreath

Spray painting a grapevine wreath is a great way to update it or freshen the look. Even an old wreath like mine can be made to look new again! White paint can be used for spring, summer, and winter, whereas you might want to leave it natural for fall.

You could also paint one orange or black for all and Halloween. It doesn’t hurt to spray paint a grapevine wreath more than once!

Finished Wreath

Here’s my finished wreath after I added a few floral sprays. Actually, it was only four sprays! They all came from Trendy Tree and I’ll share those links:

spray painted grapevine wreath
Repurpose Reuse Refresh

Update: The supplies I used for updating this grapevine wreath are now sold out, but I’ll list a few similar ones that are in stock as of today.

The Wreath Tutorial

The wreath tutorial using the painted grapevine wreath, florals, and ribbon is available on Trendy Tree, but you can watch the video below. Here’s that link: Grapevine Wreath with Red Geraniums


So if you were wondering if a grapevine wreath can be spray painted, it can! And if the grapevine wreath isn’t perfectly round or oval, most of the time that will work out too. Just position it to find the best way to lay it flat on the door. Decide where you want to place your floral and bow, then add your hanger. Make a hanger out of floral wire or chenille stems.

Have you spray-painted a grapevine? I would love to hear about your results! Just leave us a comment))

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yes you can spray paint a grapevine wreath any color
Before Spray Painting
grapevine wreath spray painted white
Spray Painted White

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