Decorate a Cross Door Hanger

This is a quick post to show you how to decorate a cross door hanger. It’s easy and only takes a few supplies. In my case, they were all leftover odds and ends and I didn’t have to buy a thing! Don’t you just love those kinds of projects!

metal cross decorated with spring flowers and green bow
Cross on My Front Door

Spoiler Alert!

My equipment wasn’t cooperating with me so the video isn’t complete((( I’m sorry about that, maybe it won’t happen again.

What the Video Left Out

Well, it was almost everything!


  • Secure a small piece of Styrofoam to the cross. Attach with floral wire. Paddle wire wasn’t strong enough so I used a straight piece of floral wire and inserted one end into the Styrofoam and the other end inches away. Twist together on the back and secure to the metal cross form.
  • Another way to make sure the wire doesn’t pull thru the Styrofoam is to take a piece of a wooden pick or the end of a zip tie about 2-3 inches in length. Twist the wire around that and then insert it through the Styrofoam, separate the ends on the back, and wire to your project. The wooden piece of plastic will keep the wire from pulling through. Here’s a link to a video showing that technique: How to Make Double Door Wreaths


  • Add florals. I used leftover pieces from previous projects. This is why you never throw anything away))) I only had one lime hydrangea, so it was the focal piece in the front. I placed red tulips and lime ranunculus in and around the large hydrangea. Fill in with smaller pieces of baby’s breath, greenery, or anything with tiny blooms. Sometimes it helps to put the wreath or cross on a board and place your flowers if working flat on the table is awkward for you.
place cross on a board to work on adding florals
Cross on my workboard
  • My cross is on a piece of a dry-erase whiteboard (purchased precut at Lowes) and sits on a floor easel.
  • Make a bow. I used leftover ribbons and made three simple loops. You don’t need much for a project like this. Leave the tails as long as you like and chevron the ends or cut at an angle.
  • If you have any Styrofoam peeking out, just cover it up with Spanish moss. I didn’t have any floral pins, so I made some!
make a floral pin by ending wire and insert in styrofoam to hold spanish moss
Make a Floral Pin with Wire
cover up styrofoam with bits of spanish moss held by floral pins or hot glue
Cover Styrofoam with Spanish moss
  • You could always use hot glue of course to hold the Spanish moss onto the Styrofoam. As I’ve said before, I usually try to avoid hot glue because I’m just making things for myself and I like to take them apart sometimes and re-purpose pieces.

Product Suggestions

It seems like I’m stuck on red tulips lately! But they were the perfect touch for my cross door hanger and I love the way they look with lime. Here are a few floral suggestions if you’re looking for something to make a similar floral out of. The cross was a gift, so I don’t have a substitute for that.

Again, So Sorry!

So sorry about the video. I started to just ditch the whole blog post, but I’m hoping you’ll still be able to find something of worth! Thanks for dropping by, I do appreciate it so much!

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