Spring Floral Arrangements by Carolyn Gregory

rustic basket spring floral arrangement with wooden cross
Rustic Basket

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to have a special friend come to your house to create a spring floral arrangement for your home. And then, on top of that, she comes through the door with two more arrangements!

Well, this happened to me this week! Carolyn Gregory of All About Blossoms, came over to my house to put together a spring floral arrangement using supplies from Trendy Tree. We made a Facebook Live out of it and you can view it below.

Please overlook our pitiful attempts at getting the Facebook live started. We’re used to but it didn’t discourage Carolyn one bit! This was her first live, and she did great! It was the technical part on our end we had trouble with.

This day turned out to be so much fun! Carrie and Ashleigh came over from the shop (Trendy Tree) and a couple of my friends also visited. Carolyn worked her magic creating a beautiful spring arrangement in a rustic basket that I had picked up at The Rack in Pontotoc.

When she finished, we all ate lunch and just laughed and talked. We need to do more of this! I told Carolyn, not to make anything permanent in the basket because I would probably want her to come back in the fall and create something with sunflowers))))

All About Blossoms

Carolyn has been an active member of the wreathing community and a customer of Trendy Tree for many years. She lives about 15 minutes from me. But the first time we actually met in person was in Dallas, Texas! We had known Carolyn from a customer standpoint and followed her on Facebook, but it sure was nice to meet in person in Dallas…go figure….500 miles away from home and we run into each other))

Carolyn’s wreath and floral business is All About Blossoms. You can find her on Facebook and her Etsy store.

More Surprises!

Carolyn surprised me with two of her original creations! One was a beautiful floral made in an old rusty flour sifter. Yes, I knew what the flour sifter was))) However, it has been many years since I used one!

floral arrangement in an old rustic flour sifter
Floral in Rusty Flour Sifter

It would have probably never occurred to me to turn an old flour sifter into a floral container. But it’s just perfect for the spring and summer blossoms in this arrangement. I added a Canva photo of an old flour sifter just in case someone didn’t know what it looked like.

The flowers look like they were just picked right out of the yard! Well, not my yard, I can’t grow flowers but I sure do enjoy them. Leave it to Carolyn to come up with an idea like this. There is a little birdhouse tucked in there too! Carolyn loves all things from nature))

Tricycle Floral Arrangement

The other spring floral arrangement was huge and beautiful! It was a metal tricycle just overflowing with pretty blooms and sprigs.

floral arrangement in a tricycle container, spring flowers
Tricycle Spring Floral Arrangement

I placed this floral arrangement on my back porch and it will be perfect until well over into the fall or winter.

Notice the little bumblebee on top of the mushroom. Carolyn made the mushroom! She is so handy with a glue gun!

Check out Carolyn’s Etsy shop for some of these cuties. She has mushrooms and matching fabric ornament balls along with her wreaths and floral arrangements.

When you visit Carolyn’s pages, one thing you will notice, she is all about color! And you’ll see lots of bees, birds, and bugs… there is nothing boring about her creations)))

handmade mushroom with little bumblebee in a spring floral arrangement
Mushroom with Bumblebee
cotton bolls in a spring floral arrangement
Cotton Bolls

Carolyn and I are both “country girls” and she knew how much I would appreciate the cotton bolls tucked in the spring floral arrangement. I imagine she feels the same way I do ….. that it’s much better to just admire and create with cotton bolls as compared to picking them!

cotton field in the south
Cotton Field

Never in a million years when I was in the field picking cotton and dragging that heavy sack behind me, would I have ever thought….one of these days I’ll be admiring cotton boll picks in a flower arrangement! This picture was taken on one of my rides down the Tanglefoot Trail in the summer or early fall.

More Crafting

carrie makes a spring wall basket

Fill a Wall Basket with Spring Blooms & Butterflies

It’s almost spring and the perfect time to bring some color and nature indoors. Or put it on your outside door! A mossy wall basket filled with pretty spring flowers, butterfly picks, and some simple bows is an easy way to do it.

Wrapping it Up!

Many thanks to Carolyn for coming to Pontotoc, sharing her special skills, and giving me such wonderful gifts! I love all three arrangements and I’m going to be the envy of my friends!

It’s always so much fun to watch and learn from experts and Carolyn is definitely that! I can’t wait for the next project!

I hope you will drop by her Facebook page and say hello, tell her Jeannie sent you! And don’t forget to check out her Etsy store too.

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