5 Ways to Display an Artificial Flower Bouquet

ways to display an artificial or silk flower bouquet
Floral Bouquet

I love beautiful flowers both faux and fresh. Today I’m going to show you how to display an artificial flower bouquet in five different ways.

Product Link: Victorian Rose Bundle 14″ $16.97 at Trendy Tree

The Victorian Rose & Violet Bundle adds subtle spring colors and would be a great choice for a Mother’s Day gift. It has soft blush pink shades, lavender, and soft greens. It’s about 14″ and has a variety of textures and dimensions. It’s perfect for displaying just as it is, or you could separate the bundle and get more creative with it.

#1 Display in a Vintage Pitcher

victorian rose & violet bundle in an antique pitcher
Vintage Pitcher

Display flowers in a vintage pitcher. The one above belonged to my husband’s grandmother.

silk flowers in an old stoneware pitcher that belonged to my grandmother
Grandmother’s Buttermilk Pitcher

The image above is my grandmother’s “buttermilk” pitcher. It’s a creamy grey-blue stoneware pitcher that was only used for buttermilk. I don’t know why, that’s just the way it was. She had pitchers for tea, sweet milk, Koolaid, etc….but you only used the stoneware pitcher for buttermilk.

My grandmother died a long time, but I know she would be pleased that I still have her buttermilk pitcher. I don’t know what she would think about my using it for flowers instead of buttermilk! Below is one of the last pictures I had taken with her.

I didn’t use any Styrofoam or anything to display the artificial flower bouquet in either of these pitchers. I just plopped the artificial flower bouquet in the pitcher! Now that’s easy!

my grandmother and me
My Grandmother and Me 40+ Years Ago
my grandparents old home place
My Grandparent’s House in the 1950s

#2 Add Ribbon and Display on Tabletop

artificial flower bouquet
Flowers on a Table

Tie some pretty ribbon around an artificial flower bouquet and just display it on a table or bookcase shelf. You really don’t even have to add ribbon to this bundle! It’s already tied with a bit of raffia and looks perfectly fine without the ribbon.

#3 Display on a Wooden Tray

display flowers on a wooden tray
Flowers on a Tray

Display on a wood tray and add some candles if the tray is large enough. Wood trays are so versatile! You can use them almost anywhere in the home.

wooden tray
Florals on a Tray

The wooden tray above is more rectangular in shape, I did cut it off in the image! This tray has plenty of room to add a trio of pillar candles or a jar candle in a favorite scent. Do you love scented candles? Me too!

#4 Display in a Clear Vase

What? Display an artificial flower bouquet in a clear vase? Won’t you see the stems? Yes, you will. Camouflage the stems by adding a swath of ribbon around the vase. It makes them hardly noticeable!

add an artificial flower bouquet to a clear vase and decorate with ribbon
Clear Vase

Actually, the stems on this artificial flower bouquet are quite pretty anyway!

add ribbon and a bow to a clear vase of flowers
Ribbon Around a Vase

Add ribbon to a clear vase with a couple of glue dots. Make the seam of the ribbon in the front and cover the seam with a small bow.

#5 Display in Stoneware

artificial flower bouquet displayed in stoneware
Stoneware Pitcher

I have a few pieces of McCarty pottery that are made right here in Mississippi! McCarty Pottery was started by the McCarty family in 1954 and has done nothing but grow since then. The piece above is their signature nutmeg brown color.

Wrapping it Up!

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to display an artificial flower bouquet. For instance, when suppliers bundle a variety of flowers together, they have done it for a reason! Their designers know how to pick out blooms and filler flowers that complement each other. Most of the time when they give us a bundle or bouquet to purchase, you don’t need to add anything else to it.

It’s easy decorating 101 when all you have to do is drop a flower bouquet into a vase! Easy peasy and looks great and is so easy to change out with the seasons or occasions.

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  1. I loved the flowers, they are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your suggestions for the flowers. I have put my in old pitchers. To tell you the truth, I never thought about just laying them down on something. So thank you!

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