Lantern Bow with Neutral Ribbons

lantern bow with neutral ribbons

Today’s post is about changing out my lantern topper to an everyday lantern bow with neutral ribbons. A lantern is a great spot for just a little bit of decoration. You can make it plain and simple like this bow, or make elaborate swags with flowers and ribbons.

Browser looks comfy in front of the fire))) He knows the best place in the room! It’s probably mine too)))

Lantern Bow with Neutral Ribbons

Bow Video

Watch the lantern bow tutorial here:


I used scrap ribbons for my bow except for one new roll. A simple bow like this lantern bow is a perfect way to use those short pieces of ribbon. It doesn’t really take that much. I’ll give you some Trendy Tree product links for some that are similar toward the end of this post.

And if you don’t know me, Trendy Tree is owned by my daughter and son in law))) I started the business many years ago and they have been at the helm now for ten years)) I still some blogging o Trendy Tree and an occasional tutorials there but for the most part, I remain retired))) But, that my answer your questions as to why I share so many products from Trendy Tree)))

Other Elements

The wooden H O M E wood bead tassel came from Hobby Lobby. It has sort of a boho look or farmhouse. We hear all the time that farmhouse style is out! I don’t think so. Of course, it all depends on what one considers “farmhouse” decor.

Farmhouse to me means simplicity, clean and uncluttered, neutrals, light and airy, natural woods, practical living, and rustic charm. But I’m not a designer so what do I know)) I just go with what I like.

When I bought the beaded tassel I first hung it off a lamp and liked the way it looked there. Then I changed out the ribbons on my lantern and thought I would try it on the lantern. I liked it! So it will stay there for a while anyway. I’ll probably leave it there until I change out the lantern bow for something more spring-like or Easter.

If you are interested in making a simple everyday lantern bow, here are ribbon suggestions. Please don’t be limited by the ones I’ve listed, Trendy Tree has hundreds and hundreds of ribbon styles to choose from.

Neutral Every Day Ribbon Styles

simple ribbon styles

RX9146TT Beige Ivory Dot

RX9148TX Brown Ivory Horizontal Stripe

RGE139039 Taupe Ivory Basketweave

41125-09-21 Ivory Black Horizontal Stripe

Q919740-01 Ivory White Canvas Check

92975w-810-40f Ivory Dupioni

RGA1098C2 Cream Black White Gingham Edge

These are just a few of some of the newer styles that just came in. Browse the Trendy Tree Ribbon section to see over a thousand styles of ribbon to choose from.

Bow Makers

EZ Bowmaker

I also listed the EZ Bowmaker. The one listed is a newer version than the one I have that you saw in the video. Now you don’t have to have a bowmaker to make a pretty bow, but it helps if you’re older like me and have a bit of arthritis in your hands.

Now if you want to see more elaborate lantern topper tutorials, browse these links to my friend, Damon Oates, DecoExchange. Damon is a fantastic crafter, coach, and businessman. He makes beautiful wreaths and centerpieces and can teach you how to do it along with managing your crafting business.. Here are just a couple of his tutorials.

And if you are looking for a lantern, check out the home decor section in my Amazon shop. There are several there including one just like mine. It has served me well and survived the move!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate it. If you have any comments or questions just leave me a note!

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