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craft table

Looking for a craft table? Well, your search ends here! For years I used makeshift tables, but finally found the perfect one for at-home crafting.

This table is incredibly versatile and serves its purpose well as a craft table. Plus, it’s nice enough to use as additional dining space when needed. It seats four people comfortably!

Folds and Extends!

table folds and extends

One nice feature is its foldable and extendable design.

Measuring 36″ in height and 48″ in width, this table is the ideal size for me. Do you craft standing up? I do too!

Trying to work at a table of the wrong height can quickly wear you out, so it’s important to choose a craft table that suits your needs. A table that is too low or too tall will wear you out quickly!

This table is versatile in that you can fold the top in half and use it as a task table, sofa table, or up against a wall. Fold it out full size and you can seat four people.

The bar stools, also from Big Lots, tuck under the table neatly and out of the way when not in use.

Did I mention how much I LOVE this table? Because I do!

Check your local Big Lots if interested, it might be back in stock soon. The table is made from Acacia veneer, Rubberwood, and MDF, with an espresso brown finish.

craft table

Spoiler Alert!

Heads up—it comes in a box and requires assembly but the instructions are easy to follow. My husband, and we’re both on the older side, put it together easily, so you should be fine.

craft table unassembled

I did find a couple of similar tables and have posted my affiliate links for them. The tables are made in the same fashion and just about the same size, although the wood may be a little nicer on the Amazon and Walmart links than mine.

The tables in the links are made of poplar, MDF, and ash veneer. These tables look like they would work well as craft tables too.

Makeshift Craft Tables

Don’t worry if you haven’t found your perfect craft table yet. I’ve had plenty of experience with makeshift tables throughout the years too!

My crafts have been done on everything from the kitchen table, and kitchen countertop to vinyl folding tables. We were walking through Lowes one day and saw a damaged door for about $15 and I thought it would make a perfect tabletop!

Not being able to pass up a bargain, we bought it, turned the damaged side down, and glued it to some cubby-style storage pieces, stackable bookcases, purchased at Walmart.

My husband covered the surface with a couple of pieces of dry-erase board and added a piece of white pegboard to the wall along with a small piece of whiteboard. The whiteboard worked well with a command hook to hold projects like wreaths, etc. I covered the door edge in Duck Tape and picked up some fabric storage bins at Walmart or Lowes.

homemade craft table, made from a door and cubby storage blocks

The makeshift door table worked for us in the warehouse for a long time, but it eventually came apart because we moved it around a lot. However, it served its purpose for the amount of money spent on it. You’ll see it in some of our old Trendy Tree videos which Carrie and I crafted behind it.

Show us your craft table, we would love to see it!

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Do you have a makeshift craft table?

I would love to see how you have your craft area set up! To share it with me, mention me @jeannie38863 or tag me using #jeannie38863.

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