Cut Poly Burlap Mesh with Wood Burning Tool

white poly burlap flower
White Poly Burlap Flower Wreath

Poly Burlap

If you know me, you know I have been crafting and making mesh wreaths for several years. Well, I saw that other people were cutting poly burlap mesh with a wood-burning tool and figured it was time for me to try it!

Here’s the wreath that I made using the wood-burning tool to cut the Trendy Tree poly burlap mesh. I love how it turned out….it’s hanging on my front door right now.

Watch the Video

See the Tutorial on Trendy Tree

Clicking on the image below will take you to the Trendy Tree blog for the complete tutorial.

Wood Burning Tool for Mesh

Anyway, I loved how the wood-burning tool worked for cutting the Deco poly burlap! It made a nice clean edge on the mesh without leaving behind a burned look.

If you are in need of poly burlap mesh we just got in a new shipment at Trendy Tree.

Here’s a link: Poly Burlap Deco Mesh

Here’s a link also to the full tutorial for the poly burlap flower wreath:

Poly Burlap Flower Wreath

If you have used a similar wood-burning tool to cut poly burlap mesh, or other products, leave us a comment! If you have any experience at all, it’s probably more than I have at this point.

This was my first project using anything other than a rotary cutter so I would love to hear from you!

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