DIY Valentine Lantern Topper: Quick and Cute

valentine lantern topper with beaded heart sign and conversation hearts

Day 7 of Being Iced In

Well, it’s been seven days now since I have not been able to get off the doorstep! Or even ON the doorstep… I rambled in my craft closet and came up with enough ribbon and a beaded heart from last year to make a Valentine lantern topper)))

Watch the Video

My first attempt at the video tutorial was a dud. Something happened to the audio portion so I made a second bow, similar to the one on the lantern, and did it close up. So, you can see the steps better anyway.

Valentine Lantern Topper Supplies

My supplies were leftovers, so here are some links that might be helpful to you. Trendy Tree has tons of ribbon to choose from but here are some similar ones.

The Process

The wood bead heart decor was salvaged from a previous project. I believe it came from Dollar Tree. I had used it previously inside a wall-hanging tobacco basket. You know when I make things, most of the time they are not permanent, just so I can take them apart and use them again)))

The conversation-style hearts inside the lantern also came from Dollar Tree. They had them in assorted colors and they were so cute I picked up some not knowing what I would do with them. Dollar Tree is just getting better and better with its crafting supplies. By the way, the solid color wrapping papers came from Dollar General and were only $1 each.

conversation hearts from dollar tree

The wood bead hearts may have come from the Family Dollar Store side. Our Dollar Tree is a combination store, but still, I’m sure it was no more than $5 at the time.

I just wired the beaded heart to the top of the lantern and secured the bow with wire also. The Valentine lantern topper was a simple project and is just the right amount of Valentine’s decoration for me. With the grandchildren all being grown now, I don’t need much and a lantern topper fills the bill))

The Extra Bow

What did I do with the extra bow since I had to repeat the tutorial? I placed it on the wreath that was already on the front door))) Killed two birds with one stone as they say)))

spring wreath with valentine bow

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Have you made a valentine craft?

I would love to see what you have created so mention me @jeannie38863 or tag me using #jeannie38863 so I can see your creations!

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