Valentine Ruffle Wreath: Simple Steps

valentine ruffle wreath tutorial with simple steps

Interested in making a wreath for your front door? Here’s a guide for a cute Valentine Ruffle Wreath in a few simple steps. And links for the supplies from Trendy Tree!

On this dreary, cold, rainy Saturday morning, Carrie and Ashleigh dropped in with supplies for a bright, cheerful wreath. It has a cute “Be Mine Tweet Heart” sign. Plus, all the supplies can be purchased in a kit or as individual supplies also I’ll list those links for you.

Facebook Live

You can watch the replay of the Facebook live we did this morning to see how to put the wreath together and I’ll also give you the written steps.

Supply Kit

mesh, ribbon, wreath form, and sign for a valentine wreath

Be Mine Tweet Heart Kit

Kit contains 2 rolls of mesh, 4 rolls of ribbon, a 24″ wreath form, and a metal sign with love birds and Valentine wording.

Individual Supplies

Affiliate Links – Trendy Tree

Valentine’s, Easter, or Spring!

I couldn’t help but notice, especially if you were creating the Valentine ruffle wreath for your own use, that Trendy Tree offers several other signs matching this wreath’s color scheme.

So, once you get your basic wreath made, you could always switch the sign out and add an Easter sign or a spring/summer sign. Not only that, you could skip the heart ribbon and add other ribbons in matching colors. Carrie and Ashleigh showed some beautiful new ribbons in solid colors today on the Facebook live that would be perfect additions to this wreath.

Here are a few of the other signs I found. Affiliate links included.

Valentine Ruffle Wreath in Easy Steps


A 10-yard roll of mesh has 360″ or close to it. We cut 20″ pieces and were able to get 18 pieces from each roll of mesh. The last piece was a little shorter than 20″ but it works okay. There are 18 twists on the 24″ pencil wreath from Trendy Tree. So two rolls of mesh yielded two ruffles for each twist for the Valentine ruffle wreath. Since we were using two colors of mesh, we alternated the ruffles. Pink on the bottom and aqua on top, and then aqua on the bottom and pink on top for the next twist.

Wreath Form

It doesn’t matter if you start on the outer ring or inner ring. Make the ruffle by turning the cut edges in a little bit and scrunch up the mesh. It looks much like a bow tie when finished. Make the second ruffle and place it over the first one, turning it a bit making an X. Place the two ruffles between the ties and twist a couple of times. If you don’t want the twists to show, just tuck them to the inside. Make a hanger for the back of the wreath using chenille stems, cable ties, or floral wire.

Ribbons & Bow

Make a bow using a bow maker, or a free hand. We made a 14″ bow and added 20″ tails to it. There are many different ways to make a bow for sure. Plus you might want to put two or three bows on yours. You can make it any way you like. We opted for one big bow to the upper left and added the sign to the lower right. There is enough ribbon on the four rolls to also make ribbon strips if you like. We left them off this wreath, but I usually make them 12″ in length and place a cluster of 2-4 ribbons in each twist. Again, it’s optional

Attach Sign

The sign is metal and has one saw-toothed hanger at the top. We placed a chenille stem in the hanger and added another chenille stem toward the bottom. You can use cable tie holders to secure chenille stems, but since I didn’t have any here at the house, I attached a chenille stem with Alien tape. It actually works pretty well! How long it will hold, I don’t know. But it worked well holding my mantel garlands and cords outside this Christmas. Attached the sign by securing the chenille stems to the wreath frame. Don’t tie it down so tight that it flattens the mesh. Sometimes it’s easier to hang it up to decide where exactly you want to attach the sign. Trial and error!

Finished Project

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valentine ruffle wreath tutorial with simple steps

I love how the wreath turned out! Despite the dreary day, this wreath is incredibly bright and cheery! The colors in this Valentine ruffle wreath would work for a baby theme too.

Additionally, Carrie intends to use this wreath as a giveaway, so make sure to follow the Trendy Tree Facebook page and stay alert!

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