Grapevine Wreath with Lemons & Blueberries

grapevine wreath decorated with lemons, blueberries, forsythia, blue astilbe and a pretty bow

Lemons & Blueberries

Learn how to decorate a grapevine wreath with lemons and blueberries. Watch the wreath tutorial by Adam Knight of Knight’s Designs by Adam. He’s a great teacher! You can watch the replay of the Trendy Tree Facebook live that he did last evening.

Lemons and blueberries are fantastic choices for home decor and wreath-making due to their vibrant colors and natural appeal. The bright yellow of lemons can add a pop of color to any room, and similarly, blueberries have a deep blue hue that can add a calming effect to any decor.

When used together in wreath making along with some blooms, these fruits can create a natural and inviting focal point for any room or door. They are perfect for creating a rustic or farmhouse feel or adding a touch of the outdoors to any indoor space.

This style of wreath would be great in the kitchen area or back porch too! Forsythias are blooming right now along with daffodils. We all yearn for that fresh look of spring even if there are only a few signs of it right now. I don’t know about you, but our area is water-logged, damp, and cool one day, then warm and stormy the next!

Trendy Tree Supplies

Adam’s Lemon & Blueberry Grapevine Wreath Kit (While supplies last!) This one will sell out quickly.

Individual Supplies

AP7194 Blueberry Sign

RGC175327 2.5″ Blueberry Ribbon

RGC178627 2.5″ Truck with Lemons Ribbon

RGE1380NT 1.5″ Smoke Blue Glitter Ribbon

62479BL Blueberry Leaves Spray (2)

62813SP16 16″ Lemon Pick (2)

30579BL Blue Astilbe Bush

13561GN Green Plastic Bush

61506YW Yellow Forsythia Bush

7618-1 18″ Grapevine Wreath

As with almost any tutorial, you can always change out ribbons, florals, signs, etc. Just follow the basic instructions and make your wreath unique!


The blueberry sign is a 10″ square and resembles a framed print, but it’s not. If blueberries aren’t your thing, there are several different styles of signs in this same size.

grapevine wreath decorated with blueberries and a blueberry sign, yellow lemons and forsythia


Adam made a hand-tied bow for this wreath and it’s just beautiful)) But if you have trouble with bows, you can always start with a simple bowmaker. I would recommend the EZ Bowmaker or the Pro Bow 4 in 1 to start with. They basically just hold your ribbon which doesn’t sound like it would help much, but you would be surprised. Plus both have markings so you can measure your loops and tails. I don’t know how many bows I have taken apart because the loops were uneven when I try a hand-tied bow. Some of us are just bow-challenged!

grapevine wreath with lemons
  • Use wired ribbon. It’s very forgiving.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Start with a small bow at first and graduate to larger ones.
  • Start with one ribbon style or one size before moving on to multiples
  • Purchase inexpensive ribbon at Sam’s to practice with or to use. They have beautiful ribbon and it’s on 50-yard spools. When you are through practicing, check out the ribbon selection at Trendy Tree, it’s huge!
  • Use zip ties, chenille stems, or floral wire to secure your bow. Chenille stems are easy to start with, plus you can undo them and use them again.
  • Use wire cutters, not your scissors, to trim on zip tie tails.

Here are a couple of bow tutorials where you can learn more about making a beautiful bow.

Knight’s Designs by Adam

Watch the video where Adam demonstrates step-by-step how to put together this beautiful grapevine wreath with lemons and blueberries. I love the rich yellow colors of the lemon picks and the Forsythia. The blue flowers in the wreath are blue astilbe. And there are blueberry picks that have blueberries that look like they were just picked. Well, I’ve never picked any blueberries….but you know what I mean))

This grapevine wreath is perfect for a front door, interior wall, back porch, or kitchen. It will work from spring until fall. Actually just about year-round!

If you’re not a crafter, and if you hurry, you might find this wreath still for sale on Adam’s Etsy shop. The links are below. Drop by Adam’s Facebook page and say hello. Tell him Jeannie sent you!

Adam’s Etsy shop –  Knights Designs by Adam))

Facebook page:  Knights Designs by Adam 

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