Happy Thanksgiving!


I just wanted to drop in for a minute and wish my readers a happy Thanksgiving))

Family & Friends

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate family and friends and to remember the things we are grateful for.

Today spend time with your loved ones, and let them know you care about them. So many people will be absent at tables across the country whether it be from living too far away, serving our nation in the military, or working in those jobs that just have to carry on whether it is a holiday or not. Some will be in nursing homes and hospitals and others can’t visit for a host of reasons.

Working on Holidays

I can remember one holiday in particular when I had to work. Holidays are just work days for critical care nurses and so many other professions.

Driving to work that morning at dusk, I was whining and feeling sorry for myself because I had to work, and my family would be having fun without me. But after I got to work, one of my patients was a little girl, about the same age as my own daughter. She had been injured in an MVA and was in the intensive care unit.

While I was taking care of her, all I could think about was that that could be my child, I could be in the waiting room, waiting and hoping for good news.

So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started feeling grateful. I turned my attention to giving tender care to the child just like I would have wanted someone to care for my own. The little girl made a complete recovery after a few days….and I never complained about working holidays again.


Some of our loved ones will be permanently absent, but they will live on in our hearts as long as we keep the memories alive. Try not to be sad at their passing, and remember those times when they were present and you were all together. Be grateful for the moments that were a part of your life.

Enjoy your day and have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

Christmas 2003 – Me in the middle and both my sisters have now passed.

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