My Quest for a Bed Swing

laying on a bed swing on the back porch
Porch Therapy

The first bed swing I ever saw was in Oxford, MS. One day my husband and I were shopping and ran across this huge swing, suspended on the front of a boutique. The swing was covered with cushions and pillows and looked large enough to sleep on and was very inviting.

It was the first “bed swing,” “daybed swing,” “swinging outdoor bed,” “patio bed,” “swing bed,” or whatever you want to call it that we had ever seen. A bed swing goes by many names but is essentially a swing the size of a twin mattress or a crib mattress. I wanted the twin size))

We didn’t have a place at the time that was sufficient to hang a bed swing. The back porch was already full of furniture and an outdoor kitchen so I had to wait a while.

A couple of summers ago we extended the back porch by adding a deck and pergola. My express purpose was to have a safe place to hang a bed swing. I started searching for a bed swing while the carpenters were working on the deck.


I started searching for my bed swing by looking online. Prices were all over the place! They were anywhere from $700 to $5,000! We checked Facebook Marketplace and found some small companies that sold there. Their beds looked great for the most part and prices were more reasonable. I did inquire with a couple of people but held back on making a commitment. One other place I wanted to check was with the local Amish community.

Quality & Safety

My top priorities in purchasing a bed swing were quality and safety. If you have ever had an outdoor swing fall with you, you will understand!

At our old house, we had a huge wraparound porch that we loved. My dad made our first back porch swing and it served us for several years. Then I bought another one that was oak and much heavier. I guess it was heavier than we had counted on. We hung it in the same manner and one day AJ (our first grandson) and I were swinging away. The bolt holding the chain pulled out of the wood it was fastened to and down we went. The chain hit me in the head and other than that we were not injured. But all I could think about was what if it had hit AJ in the head! He was only about two at the time.

So you can understand why I wanted something that wasn’t going to break or fall.

Artisan Craftmanship

The Amish in our community are known for their excellent woodworking skills. So we visited with a family that made outdoor furniture. Yes, they made bed swings! You could get either a twin mattress size or a crib size. We just rode around until we found a sign that said “outdoor furniture” by the home.

We only had a picture to look at, but based on the other pieces of furniture in their workshop I didn’t have any doubts about the quality of the swing.

picture of bed swing that mine was built by
Picture of Bed Swing

We made a deposit on the bed and they gave us a date (4 weeks later) that we could pick it up. You don’t have to worry, if they say you can pick it up on a certain date, you are not going to get a call saying it’s not ready. On the designated date, my husband picked up the swing bed and brought it home.

Now, it was only the bed swing, no mattress or anything, that was up to us. Also if we wanted it stained or painted that was up to us. I don’t remember exactly what the cost was but I think it was between $400 and $450. It was made out of cypress and we planned to leave it unfinished. There were bolts on the bottom for the chain or rope to attach to.

Chain or Rope

A bed swing hanging with rope is prettier I think, but mine is hanging by chains. I researched how to hang a bed swing and watched several videos on YouTube. I love how the rope looks! But I wanted to be practical too. Ropes can stretch, and knots can be difficult to get the same just for a couple of things. But they are so attractive!

When the carpenter came to hang the swing I started telling him about all the ways I had seen how swings were hung….chain…rope…. two-point hang….four-point hang…etc. He just looked at me.

So I said, what do you think? “I just don’t want it to fall!” He assured me that my swing was not going to fall and told us to go get four pieces of chain 8 ft in length. So I compromised and settled with the chains.

Hanging the Swing

When we returned with the four pieces of heavy gauge chain, the carpenter had added 4″ x 4″ blocks to the pergola frame. Each end of the block was secure with four bolts.

4" by 4" post reinforcement to hang bed swing
Reinforcement and Eye Bolt

The long eye bolt that the swing attached to was screwed all the way through the 4″ by 4″ block and had a washer and nut on top. He said my swing would not fall))) And I believed him))) By the way, our carpenter was Robin Swords from New Albany. He and his crew are the absolute best!

Two pieces of chain were attached to the eye bolt with a link, two links actually. We had to get one link that would fit through the eye bolt and another one that the chain would fit through. Then the chain was attached to the front and back on each end of the swing.

attaching chain to a bed swing
Chain Attachment

I don’t know if that little piece of plastic on the eyebolt makes a difference or not, but the swing doesn’t squeak at all.

They adjusted the seat position to be about 17″ from the floor and checked it from the back and sides to make sure it was level. They had me test it since I’m much shorter than my husband.

Bed Swing Cushions and Pillows

My first thought was, it’s a twin bed size, so I’ll just get a twin mattress! I quickly dismissed that idea when my husband reminded me about moisture. He said he needed to be just a piece of foam so that if it did get wet, it would dry out without damage. So that is where PHI Fabrics in Tupelo, MS came in.

They helped me pick out a beautiful Sunbrella fabric for the mattress, Euro pillows, and arm rolls. I took the measurements of the swing and they did the rest. The sewing detail is excellent! The mattress has a zipper so I can remove the cover and wash it.

When you look at the swing seat cushion, it looks like it is only 2-3″ thick. But it’s actually 6″ in depth. The cushion fits down in the bottom of the swing and only 2-3″ sticks up above the edge.

bed swing 6" cusion
Bed Swing 6″ Cushion

The cushion won’t slip off the seat when you get up! The cushion and pillows all have welt or cording around the edges which really adds to the details. I love the fabric!

I still need to get some nicer throw pillows for color contrast, I just used some extras I had around the house to get by until I can go back to PHI Fabrics. I’m sorry that I didn’t get a cost that was just for the mattress and cushions, because they also made new covers for the furniture on the back porch. The price all depends on what fabric you pick out and the dimensions you need.

More from PHI Fabrics

PHI Fabrics also helped us out with a cover for the pergola too, but I’ll tell you more about how the deck and pergola were built later)) Right now, time to check out the bed swing this morning. It’s making me lazy! But that’s okay)))

I actually can recline on the bed swing with my laptop and work away if I choose to, or read a book, or take a nap. It has become my happy place))

working with my laptop on the bed swing
Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
Robert Brault

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