The Vintage Farmhouse Collection by RAZ

vintage farmhouse christmas tree with old fashioned ornaments, glass ball garland, finials
Vintage Farmhouse – RAZ Imports

Vintage Farmhouse

Some designers say farmhouse is out, but I have to disagree. Farmhouse decor to one person, may not be the same to another. The Vintage Farmhouse collection from RAZ is a good example. It combines vintage and nostalgic decorations and who doesn’t love that!

The tree above is loaded with glass ornaments from figural to finials to reflectors. They are reminiscent of days gone by. This style of Christmas tree is perfect for pulling out all those old glass ornaments that you have kept tucked away for years. Hang them on your tree and add in some new “vintage” decorations to pull it all together.


Reflector ornaments have a concave side which gives them the ability to capture and radiate light. Trendy Tree has several reflector ornaments from Old World Christmas.

reflector ornaments from old world christmas in stock at Trendy Tree
Reflector Ornaments – Old World Christmas

In fact, you can find almost any kind of Christmas ornament at Trendy Tree. Browse through the Old World Christmas ornaments, they are beautiful, have hang tags with information, and they are affordable.

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Another new “vintage” style ornament from the RAZ Vintage Farmhouse is the ceramic Christmas tree.

old fashioned ceramic christmas tree with tiny lights
4322943 5.25″ Vintage Green Lighted Tree Ornament

The ceramic tree is typically equipped with an electric light fixture at its base, which includes a bulb inside and a power cord for plugging into an electrical outlet. When the tree is turned on, the tiny lights illuminate, casting a warm and cozy glow over the surrounding area, creating a magical and festive atmosphere.

Families often cherish these trees as heirlooms, passing them down through generations, and displaying them as part of their annual Christmas traditions. The old-fashioned ceramic Christmas tree with tiny lights brings back fond memories of simpler times and adds a sense of joy and wonder to any holiday décor.

Trendy Tree will have the lighted tree ornament soon. It’s the one with the red ribbon.

Here’s an idea to showcase vintage ornaments, especially when you don’t have enough to cover a full-size tree. Add them to a wreath and place it over the mantel!

mantel decorated with a pine garland, and wreath covered with vintage glass ornaments, reflectors, finials, and kismets
Park Hill Showroom

Satin ball ornaments are another throwback from days gone by. The Vintage Farmhouse collection includes red and green balls. Trendy Tree has the 3″ (12 to a box) in stock now. A box or two of these satin balls would make a great gift too))

red satin covered Christmas balls
Satin Ball Ornaments in Red or Green


artificial cedar garland
G3910307 Cedar Garland

The cedar garland is 5.5″ in length and so realistic. This is a product that RAZ has carried for several years and just keeps bringing it back because it’s so great)) The one above is the regular green one. I’ve used a frosted or iced version that I’ve had for several years.

back porch

Outdoor Winter Mantel Idea

My outdoor mantel is decorated with greenery, pinecones, berries, and lights. But this holiday season I decorated the inside of our house with some multicolor decorations.

Bottle Brush Trees

It seemed like starting last year we saw bottle brush trees trending at market and they continued right on for this season. All sizes, and styles. Some were just green, silver tinsel, and even pastel colors.

bottlebrush trees in assorted sizes
Bottle Brush Trees

Tabletop trees also seemed to be making a comeback. I love the tall tabletop trees and did you know they can be fairly easy to make? Just use poster board, make a cone, and either set them flat on the surface or on a candle holder. You can decorate the cone with fabric, pretty paper, tinsel, and trims. Hey, that sounds like a project I need to do!


The Vintage Farmhouse collection wouldn’t be complete without a few whimsical elves))) Elves were really big, trend-wise, a few years ago. Well, actually big in size as well as very popular. They have waxed and waned for a few years, but never gone away. Elves were smaller it seemed at market this year with most being around 16″ or smaller.

whimsical elves dressed in red and green
RAZ Elves

These elves are posable so if you’re into “Elf on the Shelf” these are perfect to use in that manner. They are not toys, however, and are for decoration only. I believe the elves in the image are 7″ and 10.” RAZ does still make a 30″ elf in some of their collections.


There are many other decorative items included in the Vintage Farmhouse collection. Trendy Tree will carry some, but not all. Links are included for the items that are in stock right now at Trendy Tree.

Vintage Farmhouse Products (In stock at Trendy Tree or Coming)

  • 4202305 16′ Posable Elf
  • 4211333 9″ Vintage Santa
  • 4219102 12.5″ Sequined Bottle Brush Trees
  • 4220100 Box 4.5″ Bottle Brush Trees
  • 4220916 Box of 6″ Gold Lighted Trees
  • 4215552 6″ Bottle Brush Clip-On Tree
  • 4316153 12″ Snowy Bottle Brush Trees
  • 4302469 10″ Vintage Posable Elves
  • 4332709 Box of 3″ Green Satin Balls
  • 4332729 Box of 3″ Red Satin Balls
  • 4359034 15.25 Vintage Postcard Art
  • G4106688 6′ Tinsel Chain Garland
  • L4320902 6′ Lighted Shiny Kismet Garland
  • 4322943 5.25″ Vintage Green Tree Ornament

Vintage Farmhouse Products Available on Amazon

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  1. Do you show different ideas just for fall decorating. It would be up until spring because we don’t celebrate Christmas.

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