Candy Corn Decor Inspiration

candy decor decor and inspiration for wreaths, lanterns, and door hangers

Do you decorate for Halloween? And if you do, is it scary or cute? I go with cute so candy corn decor is perfect for adding a few Halloween decorations here and there.

Some of my friends from the Trendy Tree Wreath Club have shared some of their candy corn creations. Most of these creations can be purchased in their Etsy shops or Facebook pages. And if the specific ones in this post are sold out, no worries! They have more unique creations to choose from.

So browse these pretty images for inspiration and if you’re not the crafty type, just check out some of these shops. There is so much to choose from! Just click on the images to go to the shops or pages.

Trendy Tree Wreath Club

The Trendy Tree Wreath Club is a Facebook group made up of Trendy Tree customers, friends, crafters, and people just seeking inspiration and enjoying other people’s creations. Members range from expert crafters to newbies and everywhere in between))) Come join us!

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Trendy Tree Wreath Club

This group is about you, the Trendy Tree customer – our wreath makers, crafters, decorators, gift buyers, or collectors. We want to encourage communication, target customer needs, keep you abreast of market trends, and offer solutions to your decorating…

Browse Candy Corn Decor

Candy Corn and Fall Products

The Trendy Tree warehouse is full of fall products and more are arriving weekly. Here are some links to help you narrow down that search. There are so many products on Trendy Tree, that it’s easy to start looking for something and wind up in that rabbit hole!

I hope these links will help you find just what you are looking for to create some candy corn decor for your home.


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Speaking of candy corn fall decor…we have to think about those velvet pumpkins or the faux ones. Making velvet pumpkins is one of my favorite things to do. Here’s a post I did a while back.

fabric pumpkins craft

Easy DIY Fabric Pumpkin with Real Stem

This post is a tutorial for a DIY fabric pumpkin with a real stem. It looks kind of lonely right now on my hearth, but more will come later)))

But I’ll have to say, if your time is short and want to make some pretty pumpkins for your home, go with foam pumpkins and just cover them!

You could do a collection of solid orange, white, and yellow to carry out candy corn decor. Just pick out stretchy, thin fabrics to use. A white foam pumpkin is the easiest to cover, and it’s the quickest way to create your own style by far.

Now is the time to start browsing at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s for fabric. Walmart sometimes has a little fabric, but not much to choose from.

Do I have a post for covering a foam pumpkin? I sure do!

choose a fabric

How to Cover Foam Pumpkins with Fabric

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cover Styrofoam pumpkins with fabric? Well, it’s really easy! All you need is a foam pumpkin and some thin, stretchy fabric….

Stay Tuned

Bookmark this post because I’ll be adding more images to the gallery of candy corn inspiration and you don’t want to miss those that are coming up!

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