Chicken Soup for the Soul

chicken soup for the soul

Today is National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day. We’re all familiar with their inspirational books filled with heartwarming stories. If ever there is a time you need uplifting, pick up one of these books and read a story or two.

National Days

If you are a blogger like me and always looking for a topic to write about, the National Day calendar is a great place to start. So for Chicken Soup for the Soul Day, I thought maybe I would post my favorite chicken soup recipe. Then I thought….well, that’s not so inspirational and everyone probably knows how to make chicken soup. And I’ll admit, we eat plenty of chicken soup heated up right out of the can)))

So instead of a recipe, I decided I would share with you a story that happened to me several years ago. It’s not something that I have talked about to more than just one or two people. But here goes.

My Story

Several years ago, late one evening I was lying on the couch watching TV. I assume I dozed off but was awakened by a dream or something. My husband had already gone to bed and it was quiet in the house late at night. I’m really not sure if it was a dream or what.

In my dream (we will call it a dream) the room was dark and I saw something small in the corner sort of behind a desk or table. I couldn’t tell if it was human or animal but it was shaking and trembling as if it was scared or cold. Whatever it was feeling, it surely needed comforting.

I went over and bent down to pick it up, but before I could touch it, I felt myself being swooped up off my feet and held close. Cradled in arms like you would pick up a child and hold close to your body. It was like we were in the air, but the air was warm and the light was bright but soft and not glaring. It was a beautiful light.

The most amazing feeling came over me. There was warmth, comfort, love, and this feeling of being so secure and protected by these arms. The warmth was just hard to describe it was so wonderful.

No words were ever spoken and I never saw who or what held me. It was just a feeling that you never wanted to go away like you could stay there forever.

Waking Up

When I woke up, or whatever it was …maybe I stopped breathing for a few seconds….who knows. All I knew was it had been the most wonderful, secure feeling I had ever known.

The only thing I could think of was that this must be what it feels like to be in the arms of the Savior.

I’ve never had that experience again, but it’s sure something to look forward to.

arms of the savior

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