Gift Idea: Pinocchio Christmas Ornament

I was rambling around in the Trendy Tree warehouse this week and ran across this Pinocchio Christmas ornament. It’s early to think about Christmas gifts, but what about gifting Christmas ornaments throughout the year?

pinocchio Christmas Ornament

Pinocchio by Inge-Glas

This Pinocchio ornament was crafted by Inge-Glas in Germany. I’m unsure if it’s been retired.

Inge-Glas, one of Germany’s oldest ornament makers, dates back to 1596. Run by the Müller-Blech family for 14 generations, the company is famous for its handcrafted, mouth-blown glass Christmas ornaments. Their unique designs, marked by the Star Crown® cap, blend traditional craftsmanship with modern styles, making each piece a work of art.

Trendy Tree only has three of these Pinocchio Christmas ornaments left. Prices across the internet range from $45 to $75. Trendy Tree’s price is $45.95. That’s a fair price for a keepsake ornament that isn’t manufactured in China! Christopher Radko ornaments, crafted in Europe, typically range from $75 to over $100

Gifting Ornaments

You might not think giving a delicate keepsake like the Pinocchio Christmas ornament is suitable for a child. But if you pair it with a Pinocchio book, movie, or plush toy, the child can enjoy something right away. Parents can then safely store the ornament until the holidays. Each time they bring out the ornament to put on the tree or display it, they can revisit the story together.

We all grew up with Pinocchio books, particularly the Little Golden Book. There are many versions of books and movies out there. right now I remember watching the original black and white film made in the 1940’s. This film was probably in color at the time, but we were watching it on a black-and-white TV in the 1950s.

The Fairy Tale

The classic fairy tale of Pinocchio, created by Carlo Collodi, revolves around several key tenets:

Pinocchio Take A Ways

  • Honesty: When he lies, his nose grows.
  • Consequences: Actions have consequences.
  • Growth: Pinocchio’s journey from puppet to boy shows personal growth.
  • Guidance: Listen to wise advice.
  • Values: Teaches hard work, bravery, and selflessness.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not pleased with Disney’s recent direction. I have not seen the 2022 Disney version of Pinocchio. If you have, I would love to hear what you thought about it. Here’s a bit of Pinocchio history.

Pinocchio History

  • 1881-1883: Italian author Carlo Collodi published “The Adventures of Pinocchio” as a serial in a children’s magazine.
  • 1883: The serial was compiled and published as a book.
  • 1911: The first film adaptation, was a silent movie, and was made in Italy.
  • 1936-1937: The first animated film adaptation, “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” was produced in Italy but never completed.
  • 1940: Walt Disney released the animated film “Pinocchio,” which became one of Disney’s classic movies.
  • 1970s-1980s: Various adaptations, including TV series and animated films, were produced worldwide.
  • 1996: Roberto Benigni starred in a live-action Italian adaptation.
  • 2002: A live-action version, starring Roberto Benigni, was released.
  • 2019: Matteo Garrone directed a critically acclaimed live-action adaptation.
  • 2022: Disney released a live-action/CGI remake of their 1940 animated classic, directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Some versions of Pinocchio have a darker side, so read reviews before buying or watching videos.

Back to the Pinocchio Christmas Ornament!

Storing keepsake ornaments separately from your regular Christmas decorations makes it easier to gift them throughout the year. Most children will not be excited about receiving a glass ornament, but they are still great gifts when paired with other items. Moreover, it’s something they will grow to remember through the years.

There are all sorts of occasions and events that are perfect for gifting ornaments: sports, birthdays, vacations, recitals, graduations, milestones, funny events, and other sweet memories. If you have an occasion or memory that you think would be a great time for gifting a Christmas ornament, check out the ornaments at Trendy Tree. I promise you will find something that fits to a T!

Here are some storage tips.

Tips for Storing Collectible Christmas Ornaments

  • Store in original packaging if the ornament comes in a box.
  • Wrap ornaments in acid-free paper. Not as easy as it sounds. Look for acid-free labeling on tissue paper or wrapping paper. A simple substitution would be white muslin fabric or an old white pillowcase.
  • Store separately from bulky decorations in a place that you can reach conveniently throughout the year. Store the box in the top of a bedroom closet, not in an attic!
  • Consider using a specially designed ornament storage box with dividers.

Add-Ons for Pinocchio

The Pinocchio story is full of colorful characters. I found a few other ornaments to add to a Pinocchio collection.

Cricket Christmas Ornament

cricket christmas ornament

Jiminy Cricket, from Pinocchio, is Pinocchio’s wise and caring conscience. Dressed in formal attire with a top hat, he provides moral guidance and support, helping Pinocchio navigate right and wrong throughout his adventures.

The Varsovia Christmas cricket ornament is close to resembling Jiminy Cricket. The cricket ornament is playing a fiddle and was created by the Varsovia Company in Poland. This ornament must be retired as I can’t find anything about the Varsovia Company. Trendy Tree has three of these ornaments left and they are priced at $18.75. I’ll include my affiliate links for all the ornaments at the bottom of the post.

Fox Christmas Ornament

vintage fox and cozy fox christmas ornaments

The fox in Pinocchio, called Honest John, was a sly and deceitful con artist. He tricked Pinocchio into making bad choices for his own benefit. He pretended to be sophisticated but was very dishonest.

At Trendy Tree, you can find two fox Christmas ornaments: Vintage Fox and Cozy Fox by Old World Christmas. Even though these ornaments are now made in China, they still feature exquisite detail and quality craftsmanship and are affordable at $19-$21.

Donkey Christmas Ornament

donkey christmas ornament

In Pinocchio, boys who misbehave on Pleasure Island turn into donkeys. One example is Lampwick, Pinocchio’s friend, who becomes a donkey after being naughty. This transformation shows the consequences of bad behavior.

The Old World Christmas donkey ornament sells for $19.99.

Save Money!

Carrie generously provided a coupon code for anyone interested in purchasing Pinocchio Christmas ornaments or other collectible glass ornaments on the Trendy Tree website.

Just plug the code “glass30” into your order on the website, or the Trendy Tree app to receive 30% off. It works for the Inge-Glas, Varsovia, and Old World Christmas ornaments.

More to Come!

So if you haven’t guessed already, I love gifting Christmas ornaments! I enjoy the fun of searching for just the right ornament for each person. Sometimes, others can even look at the ornament and instantly know who it was meant for!

Every year, when Carrie decorates her ornament tree with all the keepsake Christmas ornaments, and we have such fun. The grandchildren will look at the ornaments and say, “I remember when I got the baseball mitt ornament,” or “That cheeseburger is mine!”

Know someone who loves Pinocchio? Now is the perfect time to start a collection. In retrospect, I wish I had purchased an ornament for myself identical to the ones gifted to the grands because you know they are going to want to take them to their own home someday!

(My affiliate links.)

Pinocchio Christmas Ornament

Vintage Fox Christmas Ornament

Cozy Fox Christmas Ornament

Cricket Christmas Ornament

Donkey Christmas Ornament

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