Knockout Roses Update

I just wanted to take a minute and give you an update on my Knockout roses. It has been a struggle, but they are finally looking better))) So, just take this as a note of encouragement, and don’t give up on your roses!

Here are some images from earlier this spring. The roses had the worse case of mildew they had ever had. These bushes are going on five years old now and up until this year, I’ve been able to keep the mildew and black spot in check.

knockout roses with powdery mildew and blackspot before treatment
Knockout Roses During Treatment

I first treated them with Neem Oil and they just were not getting any better. Then I went back to BioAdvanced Disease Control for Roses, Flowers, and Shrubs. We did cut them back hard and put down new pine straw. After a few treatments they are beginning to look better)))

knockout roses with powdery mildew and blackspot after treatment
Blooming Finally!

They haven’t reached their full blooming potential for Double Knockout roses and they may not this year, but so far we haven’t lost a bush and I’m still treating them regularly.

I was just so happy to see them finally start to look normal again that I had to share!

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