Fall Charm: Mesh Sunflower & Pumpkin Wreath

deco mesh wreath with sunflowers and pumpkins

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Carrie and Taalor (Trendy Tree) made this bright and cheery mesh sunflower and pumpkin wreath a few days ago n the shop. The deco mesh, wreath form, ribbons, and exclusive Trendy Tree sign are available in a kit. Supplies are limited!

This is an easy wreath to make and perfect for the beginner wreath maker. It has options! You can make the wreath just like Carrie and Taalor did, or you can leave off the ribbon strips and make more bows. The wreath would be pretty with three identical bows on one side too.

Experiment with the placement of the sign, it can go in the center or off to one side – same with the bow!

Video Tutorial

Watch the replay of the Facebook live below to see how Carrie and Taalor put the sunflower and pumpkin wreath together.

Basic Steps – Sunflower and Pumpkin Wreath

Deco Mesh

To make this wreath, you will need two rolls of 10″ x 10 yd mesh. First, cut the mesh into 20″ lengths. You will need 18 pieces of each color. Consequently, you will use up both rolls completely. To make cutting easier, use a rotary cutter. If your last piece comes up a bit short, don’t worry; it will not be noticeable.

Wreath Form

This kit comes with a 24″ pencil wreath that has 18 twists.

Ruffle, Kruffle, or Curls

Roll the cut edges of the mesh under a bit, and scrunch up through the center making your ruffle. Curls are made by just rolling up the mesh strips and pinching in the center. Choose either method! Place two ruffles in each twist and secure with just a couple of turns. You can secure them in one pattern such as one color all the way around and another color or top, or alternate colors are you go. I usually secure both ruffles at the same time to speed things up.


Make ribbon strips or leave them off. These strips were cut 13″ and a cluster was made of each of the four styles of ribbon. I like to open up the twist, lay the ribbon cluster down, and secure the twist with a few turns. Some people do, some don’t. It’s optional


The Sunflower and Pumpkin House sign is an exclusive sign by Trendy Tree. Using an exclusive sign will make your wreath even more unique! The sign is metal so you will have to punch a hole in the sides to attach a chenille stem. Another option is to use an adhesive cable mount to the back of the sign. We usually just punch holes. Secure the sign to the wreath form taking care not to pull it in too tightly and smush down the mesh and ribbons. Place the sign in the position you prefer.

Wreath Bow

Make a wreath bow with the remaining ribbon. You can make a free-hand bow or use an EZ Bowmaker like Carrie did. Attach the wreath bow with chenille stems. Placement will depend on where your sign is placed.

Sunflower & Pumpkin Wreath Supplies

Check out this blog post on Trendy Tree for the product links: Sunflowers & Pumpkin House Wreath Tutorial

More to Come!

If you are not into crafting, you will be pleased to know that Carrie has started posting some of the tutorial wreaths on the Trendy Tree website. Also, I’ll try to find out if she plans to sell the Sunflower and Pumpkin Wreath or take it home. After all, you can only take so many home!

I’m a little behind on posting. Carrie and the Trendy Tree crew have been busy as bees and have several more wreath projects to share with you!

How can I be retired and not have time to do everything I want to do! Have you figured it out yet? If you have, please leave a comment))))

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