DIY Fall Harvest Basket

wall basket filled with fall flowers

Knight’s Designs by Adam

My friend, Adam Knight, created this beautiful fall harvest basket that is perfect as a wall hanger or positioned on a mantel or bookcase. He made this arrangement using products from Trendy Tree and I’ll list those later.

Adam put this basket together on Facebook a few days ago and you can watch it in its entirety below.

Adam is an outstanding designer and inspiring teacher. He loves to create, and eagerly accepts a challenge))) Trendy Tree has collaborated with Adam on many occasions and you can see more of his tutorials on the Trendy Tree tutorial page.

Adam sells his creations in his Etsy Shop, Knight’s Designs by Adam. Be sure to drop in and do some browsing! He has everything from wreaths, swags, floral centerpieces, and more. And if there is something special you are looking for but don’t see in his shop, drop him a note. He loves to create special projects.

Follow Adam on his Facebook page to stay updated on his latest designs and tutorials, and to learn more about his creative process.

Project Materials (Trendy Tree)

M21202IEI Curvy Basket

M10522IEI White Washed Wall Basket (optional)

29432YW 26″ Sunflower Spray – 2

29405CM Cream Sunflower Spray (optional)

SB55661-086 17″ Rose Hips

SB55661-002-red 17″ Rose Hips (optional)

13137BG Burgundy Plastic Boxwood

56417YWBN Plastic Grass Bush Yellow & Brown (optional)

2475ASST Bag of Pumpkins

56889GD Gold Pumpkin Spray (optional)

SBF1013-YEL Yellow Verbena – 2

HA151220 Orange Eucalyptus

Fall Ribbon (optional)

The optional products are suggestions for other colors and sizes or items that may be sold out.

Early Fall Decorating

I know, it’s just June but…’s never too early to start decorating your home for fall! Bringing in the season’s warm colors and cozy vibes can make your home feel inviting and joyful even before the leaves change.

Starting your fall decorating early means you can enjoy the beauty of autumn longer! It also gives you plenty of time to find unique decorations or try fun DIY projects like making fabric pumpkins or covering Styrofoam ones. Need a tutorial for that? Well lucky you! I have a couple))

Adam’s fall harvest basket filled with bright yellow sunflowers, orange rose hips, gourds, and pumpkins makes a beautiful autumn wall hanging. I can almost smell apples and cinnamon or a pumpkin spice candle! Early decorating can lift your spirits and make your home festive and welcoming.

So, don’t wait—start decorating now and let the magic of fall fill your home!

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