Farmhouse Charm: Deco Mesh Veggie Wreath

farmhouse charm deco mesh veggie wreath

Veggie Wreath

This Deco Mesh Veggie Wreath features vibrant earthy colors, including rich greens from leafy accents, bright orange carrots, and deep purple eggplants arranged on the sign. Bold black and white ribbons provide a striking contrast, enhancing the wreath’s eye-catching appeal. Ashleigh and Taalor assembled this wreath using just a few products from Trendy Tree, which are listed below. Don’t forget to watch the replay!

Trendy Tree Supply List

MD0697 Meet Me at the Market Sign

RY841562 10.5 White Black Cotton Foil Check Mesh

RY8320B5 10.25″ Faux Fresh Green/Moss Small Check

42419-40-21 2.5″ Black Ribbed Satin White Microdots Ribbon

RX9148X6 1.5″ Black White Horizontal Stripe

RGC117427 2.5″ Vegetable Ribbon

45215-09-06 1.5″ Moss Sage Horizontal Stripe

Evergreen Pencil Wreath 

Alternative Products

Remember, you can get creative by mixing different styles of mesh to craft a stunning ruffle wreath. Just stick to 10″ to 10.5″ mesh for the best results. Want to add ribbon strips? Go for it! Prefer a simpler look? Skip them. You can even play around with adding one, two, or three wreath bows to make it uniquely yours.

As for the signs, feel free to place them wherever you like—center, sides, top, or bottom. The beauty of DIY is making your wreath truly one-of-a-kind. Let your creativity shine and design it exactly how you want!

AP7100 10″ MDF Homegrown Veggie Sign

A1666 Assorted Wood Vegetable Signs

Raffia Carrots & Beets




Wreath Making Tools

Rotary Cutter

Replacement Blades


Bow Makers

Collapsible Mesh Roller (Susie’s Wreath Shop – Etsy)

Ribbon Tail Board – Etsy

Get Your Craft On!

Making your own deco mesh veggie wreath is a fun way to add a personal touch to your home. With so many ways to customize it, you can create a wreath that matches your style perfectly. The best part is having fun and letting your creativity shine. Follow along for more crafting tutorials coming up)).

Happy crafting!

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