Holy Smokes Batman! Wyler’s Light has 8 New Flavors!

Wyler's Light 8 new flavors of drink mix

Wyler’s Light has 8 New Flavors!

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be excited about something like Wyler’s Light eight new drink mixes. But with my recent experimentation with loaded tea recipes from Silver Lining Lessons…I’m very excited)))

I was so excited that when I heard that Dollar General might have them in stock, I took off to town to find some! We live in a small town so I knew the chance of our local DG’s having them stocked would be unlikely. But after the second or third stop, I found them)))

drink mixes for flavored waters and loaded teas

Wyler’s Light Blue Box

Lime * Banana * Coconut * Mango


These eight flavors are so new that they are not even on the Wyler’s Light website yet! There is no mention of them on their Facebook page either. I heard about them through Silver Lining Lessons. If you’ve been following me, you know that I’ve been trying recipes for loaded teas, flavored waters, and protein shakes from SLL. They’ve got loads of recipes… so many that you can’t try them all! But I’m giving it my best shot!

Jana over at SLL has already concocted new recipes using these brand-new flavors from Wyler’s Light. Here’s a little rundown. Be sure to visit SLL to get the full recipes.

New Loaded Tea Recipes from Silver Lining Lessons

Visit SLL to get the rest of the ingredients. The only one I’ve made with the new Wyler’s Light flavors is the Coconut Taffy. I made this for Carrie over the weekend and she loved it. I can’t wait to see what other recipes Jana comes up with, especially the banana)))

coconut taffy loaded tea recipe from silver lining lessons using Wyler's drink mixes coconut, and cotton candy

Coconut Taffy loaded tea combines strawberry, cotton candy, and coconut flavors. See the link above for the full recipe from SLL.

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So be on the lookout for these new Wyler’s Light drink mix flavors. My hunch is if you find them, buy them because I don’t think they will last long on the shelf. The next day, I returned to the Dollar General where I first spotted them, and there were only three boxes left. I ended up buying them all!I went back the next day to visit the one Dollar General I found them in, and there were only three boxes left. I bought them all)))

Until later…

Thanks again to Jana at Silver Lining Lessons for creating all these delicious recipes. I’m getting more into flavored waters too. After I’ve had one loaded tea for the day, from then on I just drink flavored water. She has tons of recipes for flavored water too! Flavored water is quick and easy to fix and that’s a plus.

Right now my quick fix flavored water is simple – Tang and pineapple. Sometimes I’ll add a little pina colada to it too. I use the complete packet of the Tang and pineapple in about 3/4 of my 32 oz cup and fill it with ice. No measuring or anything. If it seems a little strong, add more water; too weak, add more flavor. Quick and easy!

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