Kudos to Mud Pies w/ Sprinkles’ Blueberry Muffins

copycat starbucks blueberry muffin recipe

Starbucks Blueberry Muffins

Mud Pies with Sprinkles posted this copycat-style blueberry muffin recipe and it sounded so good I just had to try it! You know those recipes that you see when scrolling and they look so good you think I want to make that…then you scroll on and it’s lost forever.

Well today I saw the recipe and I guess it hit just at the right time…..mid-morning. I was ready for a snack! So I hopped up from my desk and went to work.

The Recipe

Please just click on the link above for the recipe. I don’t want to just repeat the ingredients here, I want you to visit Mud Pies with Sprinkles and see it for yourself)))

The author of the website is my niece and I’ve mentioned her website before. It’s new, and she is already amassing an enormous amount of information. She and her two adorable little girls visited us this past weekend and we had a great time. I’m so proud of the job she is doing with her children. Young moms are so impressive)))

Katie has a PhD in Physical Therapy and worked as a pediatric physical therapist. She chose to give up that career for now to raise her children and she’s doing a fantastic job)))

Mud Pies with Sprinkles is her website geared toward kid-friendly recipes and activities. It’s all about discovering the joys of physical development, cooking, crafting, and nature exploration. Her work reflects her strong faith and love for family. Don’t miss the chance to check out what she has to offer and show some support))

If you have friends with little ones, please share. They will be so glad you did!

create lasting memories with your little ones

Mud Pies with Sprinkles

Welcome to Mud Pies with Sprinkles, a little nook where I share wholesome kid-friendly recipes developed for little hands to help, simple nature crafts designed to get your family outside in God’s beautiful creation, and along the way provide play-based learning activities.

visit website

The Blueberry Muffins

The ingredients were all simple things that I had in the pantry and frig except for coconut oil. So I substituted melted butter. And I’ll have to say….I thought that the amount of cinnamon seemed like a lot…but I followed the recipe. It was just right)))

batter for blueberry muffins, frozen blueberries, lemon zest

The recipe made 12 muffins for me and the second pan had more of the topping on them than the first, which was my doing……I was afraid I would run out, but there was plenty for both pans. Next time I can sprinkle the topping more evenly.

I loved using the parchment paper in the muffin tin, but was wondering if you can buy pre-made squares or rounds of parchment paper just for muffins? Well, it only took a moment to do a quick Amazon search. Sure enough….there they were and they look so much better than just regular cupcake liners.

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Tulip Baking cups

Looking to add a beautiful, finished look to your muffins or cupcakes? Your search is finally over. Our grease-resistant baking cups will not only add an elegant and unique feel to your baked goods, they will take the hassle out of your baking. 

The Blueberry Muffins Didn’t Disappoint!

I baked the blueberry muffins and just couldn’t wait for them to cool before trying them out))) Browser and I took a break on the back porch and the aroma was almost more than he could stand. Bless him….I did give him just a tiny bite))

blueberry muffin so yummy

Next Time

The only thing I would do differently the next time when making these Starbucks Blueberry Muffins….would be to make jumbo muffins.

That way I can say “I only ate one.” 😛😛😛

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