Lemons: That Kind of Week 🍋😩

Well, you know what they say….”When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I didn’t have any lemonade last week🥹.

when life gives you lemons

If you’ve been following my blog you will notice I haven’t had a post in a few days. Nothing’s wrong, I’m here….I just had one of those weeks! I like to think that I”m not a complainer….I really don’t think I am))) But maybe you could call this a “whine” post. So, if you have better things, to do, just pass on this post)))


Now I’ll be the first to say, I don’t have anything to complain about. I am blessed far more than I deserve (yes, I’m a Dave Ramsey fan). But as humans, sometimes we just have to vent a little or whine))

My Week

First, I bit the bullet and bought a Cricut))) I’ve wanted one for a long time, and finally decided I deserved to have something to play with))) You can do so much with it! They say. It’s so easy! They say.

Well, after two days and $500 (an exaggeration), I was able to complete this one task. I wanted to copy a RAZ product and make a book stack decoration. Got my hardback books at Dollar Tree. Since I was just practicing I just turned the cover on one book backside out while I honed my Cricut skills.

After much, much frustration and wasted vinyl, I finally got a word cut out and stuck to the book.

cutting vinyl on a cricut

Not bad huh? So I thought I had Cricut whipped. Laid that book aside for a couple of days, but the lemons kept coming. I figured since I had accomplished a task once, I could certainly repeat it.

Not so. I tried more words on a more pressing project and after 3-4 times cutting out the words and it not working, I gave up on it. And I did watch video after video…..it looks like a breeze! So, the Cricut is put to rest for a few days. I’ll try again later when I am fresh, maybe I should have a glass of lemonade.🤪

More Lemons

One of my best friends got sick with Covid. So she is in isolation for a few more days. Vaccinated, boosted, and also has had Covid previously. I don’t know about you, but it’s not in my plan to take any more boosters. How do you feel about it?

Icing on the Cake

Our oldest grandson is getting married in a few months and there was a bridal shower Saturday. It was a blue theme, and everyone was to wear blue. Showers are different nowadays compared to my earlier years. And the gifts are different too!

In my day, the only thing you picked out was good china. And everyday china if you were really hot stuff. I wasn’t. I didn’t get to pick out china. We had grocery store dishes that my mother bought one piece a week at Big Star. My mother said, you don’t need to pick out china, you NEED other stuff….like towels, sheets, appliances, etc.

I’m not complaining…..but wouldn’t it be fun to have another shower after all these years))) I think we deserve one just for hanging in there! Fifty-four years coming up for us.

So anyway, the only blue thing hanging in my closet was a navy blue jumpsuit with a zipper up the front. That would work fine I thought, so I got dressed for the shower. One last look in the mirror as I added a necklace and I spotted something at my midriff. What was that I thought….did I get makeup or something on my clothes?

Well, no, it was MY midriff! The zipper had separated about 3 inches and no way would it right itself. So I threw on a white shirt over the suit and went on to the party.

The Weekend

So after the zipper episode and the upcoming wedding (December), I decided it was time to get serious about losing those few pounds I’ve talked about for a while now.

I dug into diet plans and think I came up with one that would work. It’s a metabolic confusion type, it supposedly tricks your body into not thinking you’re on a diet so that it doesn’t hold on to fat thinking you’re starving yourself. I don’t know, my body has a mind of its own sometimes, but I thought I would give it a try.

So I set out to work on realistic meals that I can actually eat. Honestly, I don’t know who comes up with some of the things that are offered on a diet. One recipe it gave me was a nice-looking skillet lasagna made for one person. The ingredients were simple, but it called for things like 1/8 of a can of tomato sauce, 1/2 of a lasagna noodle. Did you read that? One-half of a lasagna noodle!

My desk is literally covered with spreadsheets of calories, carbs, proteins, and fats. I set about pulling from the meals list turning them into practical meals, and even counting all the nutrients and everything.

The diet goes something like this: Low Carb, Moderate Carb, High Carb. You just alternate days and go low, mod the next day, and then high, and just keep repeating.

Now, don’t get excited about the “high carb day.” On the high carb day, you get a slice of bread.

Anyway, I trying it, but wanted to finish methodically making out my meal plan. I even bought little colored note cards to write the meals on and I can just thumb through them and pick out a low carb lunch, etc.

It took me all day Saturday to work on my low carb meals and snacks. But that was an achievement. On Sunday, after church, I planned to get the mod carb and high carb meals done since I now have the hang of it.

More Lemons

Our internet went down Sunday morning. That hasn’t happened very often so I thought sure things would be resolved by the time I got home from church. No such luck. It stayed out of service until about 7:00 pm. I try to make a habit of never getting back on my computer to work after 4:00 or 5:00 because if I do, I’ll work on something into the night.

So here it is, Monday, and I only have low carb meals to choose from, plus I started my “exercise” routine.

Now the diet plan came with an exercise routine also. But seriously, it looked like something I probably would not have been able to do in my twenties!


The week wasn’t a total bust as far as my getting anything done. I did make a pretty sunflower wreath and have a tutorial for that to work on. I’ll be posting it later this week I think.

mixed sunflower deco mesh wreath

New Week – New Beginning

I’ve had a membership at the local Wellness Center for many years, and have used it …..some. But in preparation for my new diet plan, I went there last week, did some walking, and looked at the schedule of all the classes offered. I’ve done some of them before, but just never stuck with it.

This morning I attended a Yoga class. I asked Carrie if she wanted to go with me, and she said she would. She asked what time was the class. I told her 9:00…..it was 8:45 at the time, so I got that look from her. She said she would go next time.))) Course I had to go to Walmart and get a Yoga mat, I didn’t know if they were provided or not, and I wanted to be prepared.

Got to class and everyone was very friendly, some faces were familiar. Most everybody was decked out in yoga pants and cute shirts. All I needed was a baseball cap to look like I was headed to the softball field in my tee shirt and athletic shorts. But that’s okay, I do have yoga (leggings) pants and I’ll wear them next time)))

It was surprising how difficult the class was! It was quite a workout. After that, I stayed for a low-impact cardio class. I had done this class before so I was a little more familiar with the process.


So, that was my week. I’m off to a good start this week with my meals and exercise for today. I still have to work on my mod carb and high carb meal plans, and do more food prep.

The hubby has some chickens roasting on the grill that we will have for dinner and I’ll take the leftovers and divide out portions that I can put in the freezer for future meals. I’ve been making out little packs of veggies like carrots and cucumbers, and fruits that I can grab quickly.

I even bought one of those little electronic kitchen scales. The hubby said, “How are you going to weigh on that?” Y’all, it’s about 4″ x 4″…lol.

I have high hopes that I can reach my goal by the first of December. No, I’m not doing a before or after picture….lol. My weight is 153 and my goal is 125-130. That’s not a terrible weight, but I’m pretty short at 5′ 2″ and I’m OLD. My metabolism is undoubtedly slow due to age!

So, my posts may be fewer and farther between as I’ll be spending some time at the gym but I still have lots of fall and winter projects that I want to do…..and then there’s that Cricut….. It’s on a table behind my desk….I swear I think it’s mocking me.

junk food


  1. Hi Jeannie, what a time you’ve had. Lemons Indeed! I’ve always wanted a Cricut too, but after watching some videos I’ve decided I’m not smart enough (I’m 72) to to figure it all out, they’re just too Complicated. As far as your diet, have you thought about Weight Watcher’s? There’s nothing you can’t have to eat, you just have to count your points, it’s very easy to follow. There’s also a no counting points option. They have a Yummy cake recipe. An Angel food box cake mix and a 20 oz, can of undrained crushed pineapple. Mix and put in a 9×13 baking pan. Sprayed with PAM. Google for how long to bake. I’m a Lifetime member of W-W. The scale was creeping up on me, so I started counting points, I was able to lose 9 pounds, in 4 weeks. It’s a Great Diet, hate that 4 letter word. guess change of eating habit sounds better. Hope your weeks going forward are all much better! Ellen

    1. THanks for the info))) I’ve been invited by a friend to Weight Watchers, but I’m going to give this carb cycling a try first. One of our grandsons in getting married in December, so my goal is to lose about 20 pounds by then…we’ll see)))

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