Lemony Sugar Cookies – Maggie’s Fav

Lemony Sugar Cookies

maggie on her 20th birthday with saint a black poodle
Maggie & Saint

Our granddaughter Maggie had a birthday this weekend))) The weekend before was Matt’s birthday and he wanted a coconut cake. I made it, it was just about an all-day affair. So you can imagine how nice it was to hear from Maggie that she just wanted her favorite lemony sugar cookies))

I haven’t done a post on the coconut cake yet….I’m still getting up my nerve…it was a chore! But I did create a post on how to grate coconut if you need to know how))

fresh coconut cake

How to Grate Fresh Coconut

Sometimes there is a need for freshly-grated coconut. Now I know most of the time you can use frozen shredded coconut, but for that special occasion, you might want to take the time to grate one for yourself. But it’s not for the faint of heart! It’s not an easy task!

learn how

The cookies were really easy to bake because they started with a mix! But there is nothing wrong with that! Everything tasty doesn’t always have to be made from scratch)))


1 package of sugar cookie mix (17.5 oz)

1 T pure lemon extract

Lemon Zest (1 whole lemon)

Sugar (for sprinkling)

Step 1

To make lemony sugar cookies start with a package of sugar cookies mix. They are all basically about the same, mine was Betty Crocker. This one called for 1 stick of softened (not melted) butter and 1 egg.

The only extra I did was to add the lemon extract to the mix. Mix the ingredients and roll into walnut-size balls.

Krusteaz used to make a Meyer Lemon Cookie Mix that was just wonderful, but I haven’t been able to find it lately. I hope they haven’t discontinued it.

Place the balls on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and flatten the balls to about 1/4″ thickness. You can moisten the bottom of a small glass to do this.

flatten dough balls with a moistened glass for lemony sugar cookies

Sprinkle a little bit of lemon zest on top and a little bit of sugar. The package calls for baking at 350-375° for eight to ten minutes but I baked mine at about 325° for ten minutes. I wanted them to be done, and just barely brown. Ovens vary, so just watch closely.

Step 2

Remove the cookies from the oven when done and sprinkle them with a little more sugar. Let them cool for ten minutes or so before removing them from the pan. And sparkling sugar would be better than plain, but I was out.

Actually, if you had rather have the zest in the batter you could put it there.

maggie's favorite cookies lemony sugar cookies


Since Maggie lives on campus, I packaged the cookies so she could take them back to Ole Miss with her. I found this cute birthday box at the Dollar Tree and placed a zip lock bag down in the box first, then added the cookies. That way they have less of a chance of getting crushed.

pack cookies in a zip lock bag in a birthday box from Dollar Tree

wrap up

Now I know this isn’t much of a recipe post for lemony sugar cookies…..it’s really just more of a chance for me to show off our sweet granddaughter. We are so blessed and thankful every day for our family. Carrie and David did well raising their children)))

AJ (our oldest grandson) has a birthday in June….and he’s not crazy about sweets, so it will be interesting to see what is on his wish list))


  1. The black dog in the picture with your granddaughter is so cute !;) what breed? I will try the lemon cookies , I recently tried lemon icing pound cake , delicious.

    1. Thanks for dropping in Karen. One of my sister’s name was Karen))) Maggie is holding Saint, their little poodle. They also have a large black golden doodle too…quite a difference!

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