Quick DIY: Winter Lantern Topper

quick diy for a winter lantern topper

Looking for a small decoration that you can use during the winter, that’s not Christmasy, but something that will serve through February? I made this winter lantern topper or bow with styles of ribbon, and added some red birds, faux snow, and twigs. It is just the thing to tide your lantern over until spring.

Winter Lantern Topper

I’m not opposed to leaving Christmas decorations well past New Year’s. It’s not something I do, but I sure won’t complain if someone else chooses to leave theirs up))) Now, if you’re approaching flip-flop weather that’s a different thing)))

Anyway, once my Christmas decorations come down, I’m not ready to decorate for spring. We have a few weeks, in Mississippi anyway, where we have our coldest weather – January and February. We don’t get much snow, which is a little sad I think. But it’s just too early for me to start putting out spring stuff. I may do a little something for Valentine’s Day, but not much.

A few years ago I did a tutorial for Trendy Tree for a simple winter lantern decoration. The products are sold out, but I’ll list some suggestions for ribbons and supplies if you would like to create a similar look.

I’ve had the lantern for years, but you can find several similar-style lanterns in my Amazon store. Here’s my affiliate link: Home Decor

You will also find several different sizes of battery candles in the listing too. Battery candles are so realistic these days! And they are safer for sure. Most of them have remotes and timers too.

I haven’t reviewed this video in a while….so be kind)))


The twig that I used came from an old grapevine wreath that I just unwrapped. The faux snow is still in stock at Trendy Tree last I checked. The cardinals or red birds that I used are no longer available, but other red bird ornaments are. Here are some suggestions.

Trendy Tree Products

The Bow

The bow maker I used in the video has been updated to a newer version and the link above will show you that. You may not even need a bow maker for this simple bow. Sometimes I just free-hand them, and sometimes use a bow maker. I have a Bowdabra in my craft room too.

Sometimes using a bow maker is helpful to newbies (and old hands) to keep loops symmetrical.

frosted white pinecones


If you don’t want to go to the expense of cardinals, pinecones are a perfect winter decoration! Pick some up in your yard (or someone else’s yard as I’ve been known to do), frost them with some paint and glitter, or leave them natural. You can also find these pretty white ones at Trendy Tree.

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