Shout-out to Plain Chicken Food Blog and Their Cheesy Grits!
Plain Chicken Food Blog

Plain Chicken Food Blog

A few days ago I was searching for a good cheesy grits recipe and found one on Plain Chicken. I’ve seen this food blog before but spent a little more time on the site this time. The recipe was called Mississippi Sin Grits Casserole. It sounded just like what I was looking for so I tried it!

You can find the recipe on Plain Chicken so I won’t repeat it here. I did just make half the recipe which was more than enough for two people. The full recipe would feed 12 people…..and there are only two of us))) We had leftovers for a couple of nights. We’re not big on eating leftovers, but we ate every bit of this!

Mississippi Sin Grits Casserole – Recipe from Plain Chicken


The only thing I did differently from halving the recipe was to add a little more liquid before I poured it into the greased skillet. It seemed a little thick so I added a bit more milk. Buttermilk actually because it’s what I had on hand. But you could add a little more chicken broth if needed. Mine could have been a little thicker because maybe I cooked the grits a little longer or mismeasured somewhere. But it just needed thinning a bit.

It tasted great and no doubt I’ll be making it again soon. I might leave out the ham next time too, especially if I’m going to use it as a side dish.

I was exploring the Plain Chicken site this morning because I wanted to check to see how many servings the full recipe made…..then I ran across this! Don’t you just love browsing food blogs)))

2-Ingredient Cream Biscuits

Well, these biscuits sounded too easy and delicious not to try! I had heavy cream in the frig for another recipe but at 6:30 in the morning….biscuits took priority! The header above contains the recipe, just check it out on Plain Chicken.

I mixed up the two ingredients and added a little more heavy cream. It seemed that mine was a little dry so I added a bit more. Then I rolled them out to about 1/2″ thickness. My biscuit cutter was nowhere to be found. I guess that tells you how long it’s been since I’ve made homemade biscuits!

cut out biscuits
Novel Biscuit Cutter

Frozen biscuits have ruined us all! It’s just too easy to grab a couple out of the bag and bake. I use them for my chicken and dumplings too. Oh, how I wish they had been available when we first married (over 50 years ago).

My Grandmother’s Biscuits

My first attempts at making biscuits were so pitiful. Especially for a girl who grew up in the South and started learning how to cook at about eight years old!

I had watched my mother and grandmother make biscuits many times. My mother would usually roll hers out and she used a lot of canned biscuits too.

But not my grandmother. She had a “dough bowl” that she kept in her cupboard that had flour in it, all the time. She would cover it with a dish towel. When she would make biscuits she would mound up the flour, adding extra if she needed to. Then she would hollow out a place in the center and add some Crisco and milk. Buttermilk or sweet milk.

She would gently mix up the shortening and milk and pull in a little flour all the time until it formed a ball. It would still be in this little well that she had made. The flour all around it would be nice and clean without any stray shortening.

She would pinch off pieces of the dough and flatten them out a little, place them on the pan, and bake. Biscuits were usually made for breakfast unless you were having some like fried salmon, biscuits, and gravy for supper.

Now, this would not be salmon like you get in a restaurant. It was canned salmon, mixed with a few things, made into patties, and fried in a skillet. That’s fodder for another day….back to the biscuits!

Leftover Biscuits

My grandmother always placed any leftover biscuits back on top of the stove, covered with a dish towel. Most of her dishtowels were old and made of feed sack or flour sack material. Her biscuits were just as tasty cold, well almost, as they were hot. It was not uncommon to grab a leftover biscuit at any time during the day and eat it plain or with jelly.

My mother would take leftover biscuits, split them open, and add butter and sugar. Place in the oven and toast until lightly browned. They were such a treat!

My Biscuits

When we were first married, my leftover biscuits could have been used in a rocket launcher. I swear it took me years to learn how to make biscuits. Then frozen ones came out and that was just about the end of my homemade biscuits.

What I did learn though was not to overwork the dough. Mix the ingredients, and just get it to where you can dump it on a floured surface. It can still be wet, just sprinkle enough flour on it to where you can roll it out without it sticking to the rolling pin. Lightly roll, cut, and get them in the pan! Only re-roll the scraps once.

buttered biscuits with jelly or bacon
Buttered Biscuits with Jelly or Bacon

No, I never mastered the knack of my grandmother’s biscuit-making.

Plain Chicken

My biscuits turned out a bit thinner than the ones on Plain Chicken, but they were so tender! We loved them. I don’t mind a thin biscuit at all! Sometimes I’ll scoop out the middle when biscuits are too fat.

I had added a little extra cream, to my mixture so that could have made a difference, or I could have rolled them a little less than 1/2.” Either way, we loved how they turned out.

The Plain Chicken recipe said to bake at 500° My oven only goes to 480° and I thought that would still be too hot. But I set the timer for ten minutes, just like the recipe called for, and presto…..they were done!

Did you recognize what my “novel biscuit cutter” was? Leave me a comment if you did.

Be sure to check out Plain Chicken. It’s a great food blog with simple down-to-earth recipes. I know I’ll be going back for more!

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